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Port Dou­glas Surf Life Sav­ing Club mem­bers trav­elled to Mackay to com­pete in the North Aus­tralian Surf Life Sav­ing Cham­pi­onships. Six hun­dred com­peti­tors, from the Queens­land coast as far south as Her­vey Bay to the most north­ern club - Port Dou­glas, com­peted in all as­pects of Surf Life Sav­ing. Shan­non Good­win was Port’s sole en­trant in the gru­elling Cham­pion Life Saver con­test which in­volves all wa­ter and beach events, and re­sus­ci­ta­tion the­ory and prac­tice. Shan­non placed a com­mend­able 6th place out of the seven­teen com­pet­ing re­gions. Mother Na­ture threw down the gaunt­let to all com­peti­tors with wind and surf mak­ing con­di­tions en­ter­tain­ing, and at times dif­fi­cult to ne­go­ti­ate. Spe­cial men­tion needs to go to nip­per com­peti­tors - BJ McLeod, Ali­son Munro, Poppy Lawrence, Dylan Soren­son, Rachel Good­win and Matthew Quinn who made the fi­nals in most events in their re­spec­tive age groups - an ad­mirable achieve­ment con­sid­er­ing the depth of tal­ent from the larger south­ern clubs. To Brian Markham -“the fastest man on sand” for the fourth year in a row; to Luke Humphries Opzee­land - reign­ing surf ski cham­pion 2 years run­ning; to Harry Good­man U11 surf race cham­pion at his first MacKay car­ni­val, and to the old boys board re­lay team who broke a long stand­ing record in the 110yrs+ board re­lay event. Con­grat­u­la­tions to Harry Good­man, Ali­son Munro, El­iza Markham, Simon Kramer and Finn Devine-Cameron who are now in train­ing for the North Queens­land Branch State rep­re­sen­ta­tive side that will com­pete at Green­mount Beach, Sun­shine Coast in March 2011.

Nip­pers U11: Harry Good­man: iron­per­son 4th, board race 6th, surf race 1st; BJ McLeod: board race 7th; U12: El­iza Markham: beach sprint 2nd, board race 2nd, surf race 4th, iron­per­son 6th; Simon Kramer: beach sprint 7th, surf race 8th; Finn DevineCameron: board race 1st, iron­per­son 2nd, surf race 6th. Team Events: beach re­lay: Ali­son Munro, El­iza, Finn and Simon 2nd; board re­lay: El­iza, Finn and Simon 1st, cameron re­lay: Dylan Soren­son, Rachel Good­win, Finn and El­iza 5th; surf teams: Ali­son, El­iza, Finn and Simon 3rd; male board res­cue: Finn and Simon 2nd.

Cadets/Se­niors U/17 Luke Humphries-Opzee­land: 2km beach run 4th, board race 5th, surf ski 1st.

Masters Kelly McNamara: surf ski 5th,2 km beach race 5th, flags 4th, beach sprint 5th, tube res­cue 2nd, board race 3rd, surf race 3rd, iron­per­son 3rd; Sara McLeod: flags 1st, beach sprint 1st, res­cue tube 1st, board race 1st; Lau­rence Green: 2km beach run 1st, board race 1st, iron­per­son 3rd, surf ski 2nd; John Good­man: board race 2nd, iron­per­son 6th, surf race 6th, surf ski 5th; Brian Markham: flags 3rd, beach sprint 1st, tube res­cue 6th, board race 5th, surf race 4th. Team Events: 110 yrs male board re­lay: Colin, John, Lau­rence 1st; 110yrs male surf ski re­lay: Colin Cameron, John Good­man, Lau­rence Green 3rd; 110yrs male taplin re­lay: Colin Cameron, John Good­man, Lau­rence Green 6th; fe­male board res­cue 40+ Kelly McNamara and Sara McLeod 2nd; male board res­cue 40-49 yrs John Good­man and Lau­rence Green 3rd. The Port Dou­glas Surf Life Sav­ing Club An­nual Golf Day is be­ing held this Sun­day

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