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You say hun­ters, maybe you should have said il­le­gal poacher, as we lo­cal hun­ters know this place is used mainly by poach­ers from Cairns.

Corien Aan Het Rot seems to say lo­cals go there and have a few cold beers while they sit by the wa­ter’s edge, then in the next breath seems to im­ply the hun­ters are leav­ing the pile of beer cans.

An­i­mal ac­tivist Colin Riddell, work­ing with Bob Ir­win and War­ren Entsch, say it’s a dis­gust­ing scene.

I’ll give you my opin­ion of what is a dis­gust­ing scene which should be out­lawed one day.

It’s gamin peo­ple acting like they re­ally care of want to change the world.

The Gov­ern­ment won’t lis­ten to you, or lis­ten to us, you’re only stir­ring up the $1 Gazette read­ers.

Our law was very strong, es­pe­cially in hunt­ing, and can be again.

You want to save the na­tive species, well get your Gov­ern­ment to change laws to deal with your feral cane toad, miner birds, pi­geons, pigs and so on.

And are you im­ply­ing the Sea Shep­herd is go­ing to work with you to try and ram our hunt­ing boats?

Go and ram the prawn trawlers, long-line fish­ers, the oil rigs or maybe you can tell your peo­ple to stop eat­ing prawns and fish and while you’re at it, maybe get peo­ple not to use oil or fuel.

Oh, that’s right, you fol­low your brave Gov­ern­ment lead­ers - when they want to di­vert from the real prob­lems they fo­cus on the mi­nor­ity who have less power to ob­ject.

Aus­tralian Abo­rig­ines have just been given back some na­tive ti­tle rights and most likely as our el­ders have told us, they’ll take it back off you.

Three fin­gers point­ing back at you. dis­rupt­ing the busi­ness and in­come of this ex­tremely hard-work­ing cou­ple.

Yes, it is easy to shrug your shoul­ders and go "oh well" when it doesn’t af­fect you or your weekly in­come.

I feel there should be laws to pro­tect the self-em­ployed from suf­fer­ing fi­nan­cial losses due to build­ing works dis­rupt­ing busi­nesses. PORT Dou­glas is a tourist town for bet­ter or worse, whether one likes it or not. We sur­vive on tourism. Pe­riod. Cairns, Townsville and Air­lie Beach all have la­goon pools on their beach­fronts.

They all en­joy a much bet­ter low/wet sea­son be­cause of this. Do we want to be sec­ond best? We need the la­goon pool, it should be ad­ja­cent to our fab­u­lous Four Mile Beach, which is one of the main at­trac­tions our vis­i­tors come to see.

Dur­ing the stinger/wet sea­son, tourists and lo­cals can re­lax on the beach, go for a stroll along the fore­shore and then have a dip in the la­goon pool to cool off.

Why would we take away a car park that is much-needed and put the pool look­ing at a muddy in­let, and as one lo­cal pointed out a cou­ple weeks ago “be­tween a church and a toi­let block”?

We need that car park in the high sea­son, as well as for the Sun­day mar­kets which are also an im­por­tant part of Port life.

Come on peo­ple, we do not need any more ac­com­mo­da­tion places in Port.

Look around at how many shops are empty or do­ing it re­ally tough.

Do we re­ally need an­other shop­ping cen­tre when Macrossan St strug­gles now? We have spo­ken to many peo­ple and none of them want the pool be­tween the church and the Tin shed.

Did the coun­cil look at the sur­vey re­sults or are they just be­ing driven by de­vel­op­ers’ dol­lars?

If enough of us speak up maybe we can stop this and put the pool in the log­i­cal place, by the surf club.

Here there is plenty of room for it with­out tak­ing away in­fra­struc­ture we can’t re­place. town. How­ever, I have to agree with Stephen Ste­wart ( Gazette, April 7).

The la­goon is a com­plete folly, it will sim­ply be an­other costly "white ele­phant", and we can­not af­ford to let it go ahead.

I would like to of­fer an al­ter­na­tive way for the Coun­cil to spend our money - a Great Bar­rier Reef In­ter­pre­tive Cen­tre.

This idea was mooted years ago by the Low Isles Preser­va­tion So­ci­ety when it leased the Sugar Wharf and they couldn’t even raise the re­quired $5 mil­lion.

Now Cairns Re­gional Coun­cil wants to spend $20 mil­lion on a swim­ming pool that will not at­tract any ex­tra vis­i­tors to the town, have huge on­go­ing costs, and dur­ing the sea­son will never com­pete with Four Mile Beach. It works in Cairns be­cause they have the num­bers, and no beaches within walk­ing dis­tance.

The ma­jor­ity of lo­cals love it here, even in the wet sea­son, but the ma­jor­ity of tourists don’t come here in the wet, and never will.

Our main at­trac­tions, the reef and the Dain­tree, are what at­tract them. In­ter­pre­tive cen­tres for the rain­for­est are well-es­tab­lished, es­pe­cially with the new Moss­man Gorge Gateway cen­tre, but you have to go to Townsville to find an equiv­a­lent for the reef.

We all know the reef is our great­est as­set - that’s mainly why peo­ple come here. The tour op­er­a­tors do an ex­cel­lent job pro­mot­ing, ex­plain­ing, and show­ing it off, but there is a des­per­ate need for an all-weather cen­tre in­ter­pret­ing the reef for all ages.

And there are enough cre­ative minds in this coun­try to cre­ate a world-class fa­cil­ity, a "must see" at­trac­tion to en­hance the reef ex­pe­ri­ence, or sim­ply a place to leave the chil­dren for a cou­ple of hours know­ing they will be su­per­vised within an in­ter­est­ing learn­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

How on Earth did this short-sighted la­goon idea get up? It needs to be put back in its box and buried for­ever.

Let’s see some com­mon sense pre­vail.

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