So­lar so­lu­tion half-baked

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TO SO­LAR or not to so­lar, that is the ques­tion?

Are you con­fused? I am, we are be­ing bom­barded with the slo­gans, “So­lar pan­els for your own power gen­er­a­tion; feed the ex­cess your pan­els gen­er­ate back into the grid; earn cred­its, no cash yet? Free en­ergy; do your bit for the planet and when the sun goes down we’ll feed your power back to you, no wor­ries”.

As I see it, if we are all earn­ing cred­its from the power com­pany, no one is pay­ing for power, no money is chang­ing hands, won­der­ful.

But who pays for the grid in­fra­struc­ture? The power sta­tions that for night-time gen­er­a­tion feeds our free power back to so­lar day­time power pro­duc­ers, the trans­mis­sion lines, tow­ers, py­lons, poles, un­der­ground ca­bles, work­men, trans­form­ers, the bil­lions it takes to main­tain what we are all feed­ing our free so­lar power into.

So what if half of us get cred­its? With no billing, the other half have to pay one 100 per cent more for their power house gen­er­ated elec­tric­ity just to main­tain the grid sys­tem non-so­lar house­holds are us­ing.

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