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SHOOT­ERS were blessed with sunny skies and well shad­owed tar­gets to give shoot­ers a bit of a chal­lenge for the Dou­ble 400 me­ter match last Satur­day.

In the first 400 me­tre match Neil Attwood opened the Full­bore Tar­get Ri­fle (308 cal., non­te­le­scopic, man­u­ally-sup­ported) competition with a bulls-eye but then strug­gled to find the cen­tre, post­ing a string of lows­cor­ing points to close with a dis­ap­point­ing 32 points (out of 50, this 10-shot match) and no cen­tre-bulls.

Caleb Yes­berg went down next, and de­spite the bright, sunny skies, also found the shad­owed tar­get dif­fi­cult to cen­tre upon, clos­ing with just 27 points.

Vet­eran Ron Schild opened strongly with two 5-point bullseyes, but he too strug­gled with the deep shad­ow­ing pulling a string of low-point­ers mid­match, and, though he closed with a cen­tre-bull, lifted the lead­ing score to only 39 points with one cen­tre.

Mal McKel­lar, how­ever, was in fine form, open­ing with a cen­tre-bull, and af­ter two wayward 4-point­ers to fol­low, never missed the cen­tre there­after and took the Full-bore match win with a strong 48/3.

Nor­bert Sch­midt opened the F-Class Stan­dard (308 cal., tele­scoped and bi­pod-sup­ported) cat­e­gory and shot steadily, drop­ping in two 5-point­ers early in the match, but pulling only 6-point cen­tres there­after to close with an im­pres­sive 58 points (out of 60 this 10-shot match, for F-Class).

Rod Miller opened strongly with two 6-point­ers and looked likely to chal­lenge Sch­midt, but he faded through­out his pull with up-and-down 4-and 5-point­ers, and closed with a dis­ap­point­ing 45 points.

Os­mond el Ma­jda took the op­por­tu­nity to test a va­ri­ety of car­tridge loads, and though this in­evitably meant some off-cen­tre shots, he closed with an im­pres­sive 50 points in­clud­ing five cen­tres, but ul­ti­mately left the F-Class match win in Sch­midt’s hands.

In the sec­ond 400 me­tre match Attwood again opened for Tar­get Ri­fle and though he lifted his per­cent­age marginally, drop­ping in a cen­tre-bull to­wards the end, he closed with a still dis­ap­point­ing 40 points (out of 55, this 11-shot match) with one cen­tre.

Yes­berg with­drew from the competition due to equip­ment prob­lems, and Schild con­tin­ued to strug­gle with the shad­ow­ing, clos­ing with an un­char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally low 45/0.

McKel­lar was the last of the con­tenders on the mound and opened with a string of bulls-eyes and cen­tre-bulls, and though the shad­ow­ing claimed three 4-point­ers for him also, he took a con­vinc­ing match win with a strong 52/2.

Nor­bert Sch­midt’s

sec­ond range for F-Class saw him also strug­gling with the deep shad­ow­ing, but though he dropped his per­cent­age marginally, he closed with a re­spectable 60 points (out of 66 this 11-shot match, for F-Class), tak­ing a con­vinc­ing win over Miller on 49 points and el Ma­jda on 40 points (hav­ing used up his test loads).

In sum­mary the Full-bore Tar­get Ri­fle Dou­ble 400 Match was taken by an in-form Mal McKel­lar with 100 points (out of 105) and 5 cen­tre-bulls, over Ron Schild with an out-of-form 84/1, and Neil Attwood 3rd on just 72/1; the F-Class competition was taken by Nor­bert Sch­midt with an ac­cept­able, given the con­di­tions, 118 out of 126 points, over Rod Miller with 94 and el Ma­jda on 90.

The Club meets ev­ery Satur­day at 1:00pm at the Moss­man & District Ri­fle Club Range mid-way be­tween Port and Moss­man; vis­i­tors are al­ways wel­come.

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