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SURELY the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment has bet­ter things to do than de­mand Meals on Wheels vol­un­teers fill out a ridicu­lous 51-page form to com­ply with their rules and reg­u­la­tions and un­dergo a po­lice check so the el­derly and frail can be en­ti­tled to a dis­counted meal?

Just like last week when Cairns Re­gional Coun­cil tried to im­pose a 100 per cent rent in­crease on long-term ten­ants at the coun­cil-owned car­a­van park at Wonga Beach, here we have a sit­u­a­tion where a bu­reau­crat has spent dozens and hours and prob­a­bly thou­sands of dol­lars to come up with a bright idea which looks good on pa­per but fails the com­mon sense test dis­mally.

Meals on Wheels, like many vol­un­teer or­gan­i­sa­tions, have enough trou­ble at­tract­ing peo­ple to give their time to help oth­ers. Quite of­ten the peo­ple de­liv­er­ing the meals are the only so­cial in­ter­ac­tion those who are re­ceiv­ing them will get reg­u­larly.

It is as much an im­por­tant so­cial in­ter­a­tion as it is vi­tal for their nu­tri­tion and sur­vival.

I for one am happy some of my rates are go­ing to­wards sub­si­dis­ing some peo­ple to live at the Wonga Beach car­a­van park.

It’s money much bet­ter spent than on the bu­reau­crat who de­cided the ten­ants should be fork­ing out more than dou­ble what they do now.

I also don’t want to see our lo­cal vol­un­teers bur­dened with a bunch of bu­reau­cratic clap­trap de­ter­mined by some knob in Can­berra who wouldn’t know hard­ship if it kicked him or her up the bum.

Hope­fully com­mon sense pre­vails and Meals on Wheels is cut some slack.

If not, the Gazette will be happy to pub­lish the con­tact de­tails of the id­iots be­hind the de­ci­sion.

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