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THE re­cent de-amal­ga­ma­tion is­sue ig­nited the feel­ings of this com­mu­nity in an in­cred­i­ble way.

I have never seen so much pas­sion given to any other is­sue to such an ex­tent.

It makes one won­der why so much en­ergy was com­mit­ted to this is­sue from both sides.

It seems that dis­em­pow­er­ment, change, parochial­ism, free­dom and per­son­al­i­ties are all cat­a­lysts to gear­ing up our pas­sions. So what has this to do with Easter? Je­sus came with a mes­sage to a peo­ple who were in­tensely parochial, felt dis­em­pow­ered and longed for free­dom.

They were un­der en­forced au­thor­i­tar­ian Ro­man rule and wanted to be cut loose from op­pres­sion.

Je­sus spoke out to those who op­pressed them, and he came with a mes­sage of lib­er­a­tion.

How­ever his crit­i­cism was lev­elled, not at the Ro­mans, but at the re­li­gious lead­ers of the day, be­cause they had mis­used their po­si­tions of trust. The mes­sage Je­sus brought was one of free­dom. Real free­dom was not to be found by ex­ter­nal cir­cum­stances, but by trust­ing in him.

It was a mes­sage he was pre­pared to die for. And he did.

But that was not the end. His res­ur­rec­tion pro­vided a path of free­dom be­yond the grave for those who be­lieve in him.

For Chris­tians, Je­sus pro­vides free­dom from the bondage of our own sin and death.

While mem­bers of the com­mu­nity may feel they have achieved free­dom in hav­ing their shire back, no ex­ter­nal ac­tion will bring free­dom un­til it is found deep within us.

Have a happy and trust­ing Easter.

Rus­sell Clark Moss­man Unit­ing Church

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