The one that got away . . .

Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette - - SPORT - Colin Min­ter

THE dog­tooth is a top preda­tor and one of the prize catches if you can man­age it. Big mouth full of big teeth – “it’s a rather vi­cious fish,” says Matt Gra­ham. “The big ones blow peo­ple away — they can’t land them.” Start fish­ing on the out­side of the reef in 50160m, run­ning big metal jigs. Your boat needs to drift over struc­ture, work­ing these jigs. It’s full on when they bite, and it’s an un­pre­dictable run. May as well hook a big shark! Can get to 150 lbs around Cairns. THE best fish I ever caught? Do I have to say we got it in? That was in 1981. We were at Shark Bay in WA and it was a co­bia.

We had him on for about 45 min­utes un­til he was that tired he was just dead in the wa­ter.

We were on the rocks and I didn’t have a gaff so I said to my wife can you go down and get that fish?

And I gave her a knife and I said just stick it up un­der its gills and drag it up out of the wa­ter. But there was an­other guy and he said “oh it’s right, I’ll do it for you”.

He went down, got real close to the wa­ter and went [cut­ting mo­tion] and cut the line off just at its mouth!

The fish floated around on top of the wa­ter for the next 20 min­utes! We got a real good look at it.

It was huge and it was very tired. It was a re­ally nice big fish. We’d gone there be­cause there was heaps of smeg in the wa­ter and it brought the tuna in. And the sharks would chase the tuna in. They’d come in and beach on the ledges, so there’d be a shark stuck on the ledge too, com­pletely out of the wa­ter, un­til a big enough wave came along and they’d flick their tail and wash back into the wa­ter. They might sit there, clean out of the wa­ter, for 30 sec­onds to a minute.

They did that a cou­ple of times.

That’s how hard they were chas­ing the tuna.

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