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Well, af­ter months of An­drew Cripps and Ja­son Costi­gan whin­ing about La­bor’s new tougher Croc­o­dile Man­age­ment Plan, the LNP have fi­nally re­leased their own pol­icy.

It looks a lot like La­bor’s Plan. That’s be­cause it is La­bor’s plan.

Croc catch­ers al­ready have the au­thor­ity to choose how to re­move prob­lem crocs, in­clud­ing lethal force where that is deemed nec­es­sary.

The LNP pro­pose re­nam­ing La­bor’s man­age­ment zones, which helps to make the LNP’s plan look dif­fer­ent but won’t make a sin­gle per­son safer.

The fi­nal sup­posed dif­fer­ence is their pro­posal to al­low wild egg har­vest­ing. The LNP doesn’t seem to have given much thought as to how they would ac­tu­ally im­ple­ment egg har­vest­ing – but La­bor has been work­ing to de­velop a sus­tain­able egg har­vest trial – one that com­plies with fed­eral law and in­ter­na­tional treaties.

When last in govern­ment, the LNP had fewer croc catch­ers, less funds for croc­o­dile man­age­ment, smaller croc­o­dile man­age­ment zones and no funds for sur­veys.

That’s why the Palaszczuk Govern­ment is catch­ing twice as many crocs as the pre­vi­ous govern­ment ev­ery year to keep peo­ple safe.

By copy­ing and past­ing La­bor’s plan the Lib­eral Na­tional Party have fi­nally ac­cepted La­bor’s Croc­o­dile Man­age­ment Plan is the strong­est Queens­land has ever seen.

Steven Miles MP, Min­is­ter for En­vi­ron­ment and Her­itage Pro­tec­tion and Min­is­ter for Na­tional Parks and the Great Bar­rier Reef

and Mal­colm Turn­ball is turn­ing the screws on or­di­nary Aus­tralians.

What ini­tia­tives have the LNP done for Aus­tralia since Mal­colm Turn­bull took over?

Name one thing. But on the other hand let’s look at the things that have cost us: In­creased Medi­care costs Re­duced Medi­care ser­vices Squan­dered sur­plus from the min­ing boom In­creased univer­sity costs Re­duced aged care ser­vices Re­duced fund­ing to arts and cul­ture Re­duced fund­ing to In­dige­nous af­fairs.

In­creased tax­a­tion on lower in­come earn­ers

Re­duced tax­a­tion to companies and high earn­ers Pub­lic ser­vice pri­va­tised Pub­lic in­fras­truc­ture dec­i­mated Jobs lost Ig­no­rance on global warm­ing Threats to the reef unchecked Bil­lions spent on im­mi­gra­tion de­ten­tion fa­cil­i­ties

When I hear Mal­colm Turn­bull I sim­ply groan, and his state coun­ter­parts are no bet­ter.

Al­lan Holl­way, Port Dou­glas


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