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WHEN Don­ald Trump re­nounced Amer­ica’s com­mit­ment to the Paris Ac­cord the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment leapt in with the type of lead­er­ship it has been dy­ing to show for some time now.

China thinks the US is re­treat­ing into it­self and they can be­come the new world leader. China has been work­ing on a pol­icy un­der which it will seek to cre­ate part­ners all across the Mid­dle East and into Europe to cre­ate a new trad­ing em­pire with China as the linch­pin.

In tan­dem with this it will cre­ate naval bases in a num­ber of places across the Indian Ocean.

It has the clunky name of One Belt, One Road and is a new ver­sion of the old Silk Road, whereby China will se­cure the raw ma­te­ri­als it needs, pen­e­trate economies along the path­way, and se­cure its trade routes.

Apart from that it’s vague but re­mem­ber the dis­cus­sion fol­low­ing the Chi­nese pur­chase of the port of Dar­win. Chi­nese in­ten­tions have a way of be­ing ob­scure and that both­ers us.

Any­way, it was in­ter­est­ing to see the dig­ni­taries roll up to the Sher­a­ton Mi­rage in Port Dou­glas last year for the re­launch.

The owner (Full­share’s chair­man), our state pre­mier and the treasurer were there but the most im­por­tant per­son by far was a fel­low called Gang Meng from the China De­vel­op­ment Bank.

The CDB, with tril­lions of dol­lars in as­sets, is China’s main bank tasked with in­fra­struc­ture and de­vel­op­ment.

A Full­share em­ployee once men­tioned to me the One Belt, One Road pol­icy, with­out ex­plain­ing any link­age to the com­pany.

I’m not say­ing there is one, and if there is it may not be sin­is­ter at all.

It’s just in­ter­est­ing. The Chi­nese see our North­ern Aus­tralia In­fra­struc­ture Fund and fig­ure what a neat align­ment that would be with their grand strat­egy, one that aims to re­shape the global econ­omy and po­ten­tially much more. The Far North is on China’s radar.

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