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WE’RE a lit­tle patch in the far north of Qld just mind­ing our own busi­ness but there are times when the big, wide world comes crash­ing in.

Such as mat­ters to do with cli­mate change. Or the po­ten­tial for a nu­clear war. News that the North Kore­ans’ lat­est mis­sile test in­di­cates they have a weapon that could reach as far as Cairns, has been dis­con­cert­ing.

But se­ri­ously, why would the Kore­ans waste a weapon on us? We’re in­signif­i­cant, right?

When I stud­ied nu­clear mis­sile strat­egy at Syd­ney Univer­sity in the 1970s there was a con­cept that re­ally opened my eyes one day, given that Aus­tralia does not pos­sess a nu­clear de­ter­rent of its own. It’s called Demon­stra­tion of Re­solve. In a wors­en­ing stand-off be­tween two par­ties, in the very last steps be­fore an all out nu­clear ex­change (which no one “wins”), there could likely be a mo­ment when one of those ac­tors does some­thing to show how se­ri­ous they are. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it . . . see!” And they beat up one of their en­emy’s friends.

They pick a place that is NOT on the home­land of their en­emy.

Not to give the Kore­ans ideas, but Cairns is per­fect. Not too small to make the point; dam­age con­tained in a rel­a­tively small area. And it’s not Amer­i­can. And Aus­tralia can’t re­tal­i­ate.

Not Dar­win, be­cause the Chi­nese run the port and China is North Korea’s clos­est friend.

Cairns is cer­tainly on a list right now, along with hun­dreds of other places.

In a few years, when the DPRK’s ar­rows can hit any­where in Aus­tralia, dozens more GPS co-or­di­nates will be added. It won’t just be a prob­lem for the Far North any­more, but far be­yond as well. Cairns, Al­bany, Ho­bart, you name it. But then, all the nu­clear pow­ers have very long lists, for ev­ery con­tin­gency.

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