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Co­conut’s friend who owns one of those wrist-worn ac­tiv­ity mon­i­tors is se­ri­ously think­ing of ditch­ing it, fol­low­ing sto­ries last week, vig­or­ously denided by the com­pany, that a ro­botic vac­uum cleaner was ca­pa­ble of spy­ing on you. Is noth­ing safe any more? Ap­par­ently, the story went, it is ca­pa­ble of send­ing data about your house back to some col­lec­tion point that cares about such things. Why any­one would care about Co­conut’s Dick­en­sian lodg­ings at the board­ing house, which are very mea­gre, is beyond him. The smart home of the fu­ture it will never be. Peo­ple are be­com­ing very wary th­ese days. A friend of Co­conut’s never gives his real names to any­one, al­ways chang­ing it by one or two let­ters. some­how in the year 1735 that Londoners had not al­ready fore­seen the rise of so­cial me­dia and its great gouts of abuse. A jour­nal of the day in­cludes a small ac­count of an episode between let­ter writ­ers, one of whom was won­der­ing why a cer­tain cler­gy­man hadn’t an­swered his crit­ics over one of his ser­mons. In his de­fence, the jour­nal of­fered words so des­per­ately needed to­day: “Tis the ef­fect of that just pride which every Man owes to his own In­no­cence, not to wran­gle with every lit­tle In­former that barks af­ter him”. A new age of ci­vil­ity may yet dawn in so­cial me­dia, but don’t bet on it.

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