Pay­back time

Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette - - NEWS @SCHOOL - By Ava Jenk­ins, St Au­gus­tine’s School

“THIS, my friend is the key to all our prob­lems.” “It’s the spare key to Beatrice’s em­po­rium it’s full of cool spy gear! “We can use what we find at her shop to res­cue Barry” Dean ex­plained. “Wait, how did you get that key?” Jack asked. “Long story,” Dean said as he slipped the key into a green sash. “Any­way we best get out of here, no doubt Mr Smithers’ an­noy­ing min­ions will be com­ing af­ter us”.

Jack swiftly helped Dean up and they be­gan run­ning. Af­ter count­less strides they grew tired; their legs were throb­bing and aching with pain. Out of nowhere a gust of cold wind blew against Jack and Dean’s back reignit­ing their re­solve as they pow­ered on. They knew what was at stake.

“Hey look its Beatrice’s shop,” Jack roared so loudly you could tell he was long­ing to get in. Dean grabbed the key from his green sash and un­locked the shop. In­stantly there was a CRASH, BANG and an “Aaaah­hhh please don’t kill me, I beg you, please”. “Who, who are you?” stut­tered Dean. “Uhh more im­por­tantly WHO are you?” shrieked the voice.

Then a wrinkly fin­ger stained red with a long navy blue nail en­ticed the boys fur­ther into the store. “HELLO BOYS wel­come to my shop I’m Beatrice and how did you get that key?” The two boys hes­i­tated and stared in awe at the wacky lady wear­ing what looked to be brown rags cov­ered in paint. “That’s not im­por­tant right now; we need some of your goods?” Jack stated.

“Oh and what would you need them for?” asked Beatrice. “An im­por­tant mis­sion replied” replied Dean, “we need to save our friend from Mr Smithers,” Jack added. Beatrice could sense the de­ter­mi­na­tion of the two young boys. “Mr Smithers you say, I have crossed paths with him be­fore,” Beatrice mum­bled.

“We can’t af­ford to pay you right now but we will,” Jack said em­bar­rass­edly.

Beatrice replied; “That won’t be nec­es­sary, but on one con­di­tion …”

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