The first-ever Aus­tralian Bachie baby is due soon! We caught up with Sam and Snez be­fore the birth of their much-loved lit­tle girl

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Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood chat preg­nancy and par­ent­hood


Con­grat­u­la­tions to you both! Snez, how dif­fer­ent is be­ing preg­nant the sec­ond time around?

SNEZ: It’s like you’re do­ing it all over again, be­cause there is a 12-year-gap be­tween both girls, and there are a whole new set of rules, in­clud­ing new dos and don’ts. Ev­ery­thing has changed, so it’s like I am hav­ing my first one again.

You’re par­ents to the first ever Aus­tralian Bach­e­lor Baby! Are you go­ing to tell your bub how you met when she’s older?

SAM: Who knows how the world will be by the time she reaches her 18th birth­day, but I think it will def­i­nitely be a funny story to tell her when she’s old enough to un­der­stand ev­ery­thing!

Snez, would you say you’ve had an easy preg­nancy?

SNEZ: The first three months were hor­ri­ble! I was sick day and night, con­stantly feel­ing un­well, and Sam had to deal with that. There were days where I couldn’t even get up. Once the first trimester passed I was feel­ing great! Now I am start­ing to slow down again, but it’s noth­ing like those first three months. I don’t remember be­ing that sick when I had Eve!

SAM: Snez was to­tally couch-rid­den – no en­ergy, throw­ing up. I was think­ing, ‘How many days is this go­ing to go on for?’ But al­most to the day when the sec­ond trimester kicked in, she started feel­ing bet­ter.

SNEZ: I had to set a timer about an hour be­fore I had to pick up Eve from school to find the en­ergy to get up and get ready, and eat some­thing so I didn’t feel like I was go­ing to pass out. It is only a four­minute drive to her school and then four min­utes home again. I also had the timer in case I dozed off on the lounge, be­cause I was sleep­ing so much!

You were both in the midst of plan­ning a stun­ning Euro­pean wed­ding when you dis­cov­ered you were preg­nant. Was it a sur­prise?

SAM: It was Mur­phy’s Law. We were try­ing and we wanted to get preg­nant, but it didn’t hap­pen in the first month so we thought as it didn’t hap­pen straight­away, let’s stop and plan the wed­ding. And then as soon as we started plan­ning the wed­ding, Mur­phy’s Law – Snez be­came preg­nant! We had locked in lo­ca­tions for the wed­ding and ev­ery­thing… Thank god we hadn’t sent out in­vi­ta­tions! If we had found

out a month later then we re­ally would have been in trou­ble. Hav­ing a baby is ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing we wanted, more than any­thing else.

SNEZ: I started feel­ing a lit­tle un­well, but I wasn’t sure that I was preg­nant. Shortly af­ter that, I started to get re­ally sick and then I had an idea I could be preg­nant. We did a few tests to make sure it was pos­i­tive. I did one and then I showed Sam, and then I did an­other one just to make sure.

SAM: I think you might have even done a third just to be to­tally sure so I didn’t get my hopes up!

Have you had any crazy crav­ings so far, Snez?

SNEZ: I’ve started to get late-night crav­ings for sor­bet and ice-cream. I have to limit my­self to a few mouth­fuls, just enough to sat­isfy the crav­ing and then I’ll go back to bed. But I’ll al­ways in­clude Sam, and ask if he wants to join in!

You’re very kind! Are you en­joy­ing the late-night snacks too, Sam?

SAM: The crav­ings have kicked in worse than ever! I got wo­ken up at 2.30am on Sun­day morn­ing with Snez tap­ping me on the shoul­der, ca­su­ally ask­ing me if

I was hun­gry. I was like, ‘Mmm no, I’m not… I am asleep!’ Snez said she thought she was hun­gry for ice-cream and the next thing you know she’s eat­ing lemon sor­bet at 3am, sat­is­fy­ing her crav­ing be­fore hop­ping back into bed. I woke up in the morn­ing and won­dered if it was ac­tu­ally a dream, or whether it re­ally hap­pened. Usu­ally it’s me who has to drive to the store on these oc­ca­sions. I was lucky that night that we had some lemon sor­bet at home!

Sam, do you think you are pre­pared for a new­born baby?

SAM: I’ve had no ex­pe­ri­ence with ba­bies and, up to this point, I am bliss­fully ig­no­rant! All of my friends with young kids have this lit­tle smile on their faces when they look at me that says, ‘You just wait!’ They say they aren’t try­ing to pre­pare me for it but have said to me that it’s go­ing to be tough, but amaz­ing. I’m sure that the ex­cite­ment will out­weigh any sleep­less­ness that comes with it.

Sam, has hav­ing Eve in your life helped you get ready to be a dad?

SAM: I al­ways say that in my life I am sur­rounded by girls – our house­hold is very girly, but it is very dif­fer­ent be­ing a par­ent to a 12-year-old than a new­born. She’s like my best buddy, and we can hang out like friends. I re­ally love my re­la­tion­ship with Eve, how­ever I don’t think it will pre­pare me for tak­ing care of my new baby, but it’s go­ing to help me pre­pare for life as she grows older.

Eve is as ex­cited about hav­ing a lit­tle sis­ter as we are about hav­ing a baby. She had a list when we went shop­ping for the baby, she’s been look­ing at In­sta­gram and Pin­ter­est and done loads of research.

Have you guys had a chance to get your nurs­ery sorted?

SAM: We’ve got a guest room in our house, but it’s kind of a junk room at the mo­ment! It’s full of clothes and fit­ness stuff… And be­cause she will be sleep­ing in our room for the first six months or so, we haven’t done a big nurs­ery trans­for­ma­tion yet.

SNEZ: We aren’t feel­ing too much pres­sure yet and we want to re­ally think about what we want to do with her nurs­ery and how to lay it out. I’ve been look­ing on­line to get in­spi­ra­tion and right now I’m try­ing to fig­ure out what I like and what I don’t like. If I see some­thing I like I al­ways run it past Eve and Sam as well. So far it’s go­ing well and we are all agree­ing on how we see it com­ing to­gether – which is good!

We all know you love fash­ion, Snez. How have you been styling your grow­ing body?

SNEZ: At the mo­ment it’s very com­fort-ori­en­tated! In the be­gin­ning, I was wear­ing a lot of baggy clothes to hide it and now I am slowly grow­ing out of so much of my wardrobe Things that fit me in the morn­ing are too tight by the evening. I’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a lot of swelling and wa­ter re­ten­tion, so if I am wear­ing jeans through­out the day that fit fine, by the af­ter­noon I’ve got marks up and down my legs and need Sam to help me take them off!

What about your skin? Has your beauty rou­tine changed?

SNEZ: I’ve had a lot of pig­men­ta­tion. Me­lasma and chloasma from my preg­nancy. It started as a lit­tle bit on my cheek and its spread to both my cheeks now. Lately, I have per­ma­nent bronzer on my cheeks! I’m also just us­ing prod­ucts that are safe for preg­nancy and keep­ing my skin­care rou­tine pretty ba­sic.

Fit­ness is so im­por­tant to you both, and you’re es­pe­cially pas­sion­ate about it, Sam. Have you still been mo­ti­vated to work out while preg­nant, Snez?

SNEZ: Yes! I have still been work­ing out and do­ing Sam’s 28 pro­gram, but with mod­i­fi­ca­tions. It’s still got me mo­ti­vated and I think it is im­por­tant to find ways to keep ac­tive even as I am get­ting big­ger.

SAM: There is a preg­nancy-spe­cific pro­gram for women that will be avail­able in Septem­ber to the pub­lic, where all the mod­i­fi­ca­tions have been made au­to­mat­i­cally. There’s also preg­nancy yoga and Pi­lates as well as the reg­u­lar work­outs which are de­signed to make sure you’re not do­ing any ex­er­cises that are un­safe. The pro­gram pre­pares you not only for a good preg­nancy, but hope­fully a good re­cov­ery from your preg­nancy, too.

Fi­nally, Snez, are you plan­ning on hav­ing a baby shower?

SNEZ: Sam is say­ing that I should, but I tend to not like be­ing the cen­tre of at­ten­tion when it comes to things like that. I’d rather go to some­body else’s than mine!


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