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In prepa­ra­tion for birth, your baby may start to move his head into the is­chial spine in your pelvis. When the widest part of his head has passed through the nar­row­est part of your pelvis, his head is said to be ‘en­gaged’. Some ba­bies may en­gage a few weeks be­fore their de­liv­ery date, how­ever oth­ers – es­pe­cially sec­ond or sub­se­quent ba­bies – may only do so once you’re in labour.


A full-term baby can be born at any time be­tween 37 and 42 weeks. If your baby’s head is en­gaged, you’ll feel as though there is more room un­der­neath your ribs and it will be eas­ier for you to breathe. You may also feel a heav­i­ness and sharp twinges in your vagina. As your body starts to gear up for the birthing process, you may also no­tice an in­crease in the fre­quency and strength of Brax­ton Hicks con­trac­tions.

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