De­code your scan notes

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AC Ab­dom­i­nal circumference: this fig­ure is the mea­sure­ment around the baby’s ab­domen.

BPD Bi­pari­etal di­am­e­ter: the mea­sure­ment from one side of bub’s head to the other, ear to ear. CRL Crown-rump length: the length from the top of your baby’s head to her bot­tom.

EDD Es­ti­mated date of de­liv­ery: your likely due date.

EFW Es­ti­mated foetal weight: this is how much your baby is likely to weigh at birth.

FL Fe­mur length: the length of your baby’s thigh bone.

GA Ges­ta­tional age: the age of your bub in the womb.

HC Head circumference: the mea­sure­ment around the baby’s head. OFD Oc­cip­itofrontal di­am­e­ter: the mea­sure­ment of your bub’s head, from front to back.

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