Is it about win­ning or is it all about play­ing the game?

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Over the years, plenty of peo­ple have had plenty to say about win­ning and los­ing at sport. The gen­tlest call to arms comes from the fa­ther of the mod­ern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Cou­bertin, who said “The im­por­tant thing in life is not the tri­umph but the strug­gle, the es­sen­tial thing is not to have con­quered but to have fought well.” By be­ing shorter, snap­pier and cer­tainly far more in keep­ing with pro­fes­sional sport, Amer­i­can foot­ball coach ‘ Red’ San­ders took the ex­act op­po­site view when he quipped, “Win­ning

isn’t ev­ery­thing – it’s the only thing.” So where does road rac­ing fit into this? It’s a sport where the pelo­ton col­lec­tively strug­gles but only one can be the vic­tor. Can win­ning re­ally be the only thing when 200 rid­ers com­mit them­selves whole-heart­edly to a race that only one can win? This is­sue, we take a look at those who have won time after time as well as those whose ca­reers are de­fined by serv­ing their team­mates. Some won by over-pow­er­ing their op­po­nents, oth­ers by out-think­ing them, yet all de­serve to be re­mem­bered. We’ll leave the fi­nal word to NFL su­per coach Vince Lom­bardi who we think hit the right note when he said, “Win­ning isn’t ev­ery­thing…

but want­ing to win is.”

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