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Procycling - - Road Tested - Jamie Wilkins

The Huez is said to be the light­est cy­cling shoe in the world at 190g for a 43, and we can be­lieve it be­cause, at just 210g each,our size 45 sam­ples are the light­est we’ve ever tested. That’s over 300g per pair less than some other top-end shoes. What would it cost to save that from your bike? The well-worn re­sponse to lots of ul­tra-light kit is “Never mind 300g, I’ve got 5kg to lose.” If that’s the case, lay off the pies, but many rid­ers are al­ready skinny and ev­ery­one climbs faster in lighter shoes.

In fact, the dif­fer­ence is tan­gi­ble as soon as you set off. Your feet float around each pedal revo­lu­tion; it’s a great feel­ing. In­cred­i­bly, the Huez is also one of the stiffest shoes we’ve come across, com­pa­ra­ble to the likes of the Spe­cial­ized S-Works and close enough to the un­yield­ing Bont range that you’d need legs like Robert Förste­mann to tell the dif­fer­ence.

On the up-stroke, the car­bon straps and struc­tured up­per pro­vide great support, re­fus­ing to give a mil­lime­tre even dur­ing a full sprint.

The min­i­mal Huez isn’t plush inside but nor is it un­com­fort­able. As­sum­ing it fits you, the ob­ses­sive weight sav­ing is at no detri­ment to the tol­er­a­bil­ity of the Huez as an all-day shoe. It’s very airy, too, so it’s great in hot weather.

Our only is­sue is with the fairly high vol­ume fit. On my skinny feet the main strap tops out, the up­per nearly meets in the mid­dle and all three straps only have half their in­tended con­tact area. This is where Boa-type laces have an ad­van­tage. Thicker socks help a bit. Try them on be­fore buy­ing.

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