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Think­ing big shouldn't re­sult in big­ger hel­mets, so with the Pre­vail, we set out to prove that big ideas can come in smaller pack­ages. It all starts with our patented EPS con­struc­tion that re­lies on an en­ergy optimized, multi-den­sity foam. We use mul­ti­ple den­si­ties of it to bet­ter as­sist in manag­ing im­pact en­er­gies, and when paired with an Aramid-re­in­forced skele­ton that's weaved by ro­bots for 9>3?=@1B12<5 V25B @<135=5>D 1>4 133EB13I D85 B5CE<D9>7 tech­nol­ogy be­comes noth­ing short of class-lead­ing. Im­pres­sively, we achieved this while re­duc­ing the over­all C9J5 ?6 D85 85<=5D D? 3B51D5 1 C=1<<5B @B?V<5 D81D VDC lower down on the head. Of course, this all con­trib­utes D? 1 25DD5B VD 2ED G81D 9C> D ?2F9?EC 9C D81D 9D 1<C? =1;5C for an ex­tended level of cov­er­age that fur­ther im­proves safety. With this out of the way, we moved on to ven­ti­la­tion. The Pre­vail has deep in­ter­nal chan­nels that are aligned from front-to-rear, so the air in­take and ex­haust are optimized for un­par­al­leled cool­ing over the en­tire head. This de­sign also lends it­self to the aero­dy­namic im­prove­ments to the hel­met, as this Pre­vail was de­signed in our Win Tun­nel to save 6 sec­onds over 40km when com­pared to a "stan­dard" road hel­met. Add it all up, and you get a hel­met that's more aero­dy­namic, cooler, and bet­ter VDD9>7 D81> 1>ID89>7 5<C5 ?ED D85B5

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