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North­wave’s new !lag­ship shoe fea­tures sev­eral highly orig­i­nal and in­no­va­tive ideas. The X"Frame con­struc­tion is de­signed to pro­vide a snug !it with no pres­sure points and is made from a ma­te­rial just 0.5mm thick. The Dyneema fas­ten­ing ca­ble goes through a se­ries of loops at an­gles de­rived from re­lent­less pro­to­typ­ing, all with the goal of en­abling per­fectly even clos­ing ten­sion. On the end of it is North­wave’s three-way Speed Lace Winch 2 dial. The new sole is claimed to be their light­est, sti! fest and thinnest ever. Much sim­pler but equally clever is the in­clu­sion of two thick­nesses of in­soles, one reg­u­lar and one thicker for low vol­ume feet. They come in this black with !lu­oro yel­low, plus a re­versed ver­sion. In 45, they weigh 276g each. www.north­

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