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Price: £2,350 Weight: 1,795g

The fa­mil­iar 82mm depth is re­tained but the NSW generation 808 gets a re­vised pro ile that’s claimed to be more sta­ble and slightly faster. Also new are the car­bon hubs, the grooved brake tracks and the laser graph­ics which pre­vent the new dim­ples be­ing cov­ered by de­cals. The gen­er­ous pack­age in­cludes bags, QRs, pads, ex­ten­ders, tape and tubes. A 25c tyre sits per­fectly and sta­bil­ity is good. High sti fness o fsets some of the weight. In the wind tun­nel they ex­celled at 5º but were slow at 12.5º. The new brake track adds bite in the dry but not in the wet.

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