AF-S FISH­EYE NIKKOR 8-15mm f3.5-4.5E ED $1999

Es­ti­mated av­er­age street price

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For­mat: Full-35mm (Nikon FX) and ‘APS-C’ (Nikon DX) sen­sor D-SLRs, 35mm film SLRs. An­gle-of-View: 180.00 de­grees ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal to 175.00 de­grees di­ag­o­nal, full-35mm sen­sor size. 180.00 de­grees to 110.00 de­grees di­ag­o­nal, ‘DX’ for­mat when the ef­fec­tive fo­cal range 12-22.5mm. Con­struc­tion: 15 el­e­ments/ 13 groups. Min­i­mum Fo­cus: 16 cm. Aper­ture Range: f3.5-4.5 – f22-29. Over­all Length: 83.0 mm. Max­i­mum Di­am­e­ter: 77.5 mm. Fil­ter Di­am­e­ter: Screwthread fil­ters can­not be fit­ted. Fil­ter slot pro­vided at the rear of the lens for cut fil­ters. Weight: 485 grams. Lens Mount(s): Nikon F (E-type AF). Fea­tures: Mag­ne­sium al­loy bar­rel tubes with weather seals, three ED (ex­tra-low dis­per­sion glass) el­e­ments, two as­pher­i­cal el­e­ments, ‘Nano Crys­tal Coat’ anti-re­flec­tion multi-coat­ing, ‘Su­per In­te­grated Coat’ multi-coat­ing, flu­o­rine anti-grime coat­ing on the ex­posed el­e­ment sur­faces, in­ter­nal fo­cus­ing, ‘Silent Wave Mo­tor’ (SWM) ring-type ul­tra­sonic aut­o­fo­cus drive, man­ual/ auto fo­cus­ing switch, seven-blade di­aphragm, and elec­tro­mag­netic di­aphragm con­trol. Bay­o­net-fit lens hood and carry pouch sup­plied. Price: $1999 (inc. GST). Es­ti­mated av­er­age street price. Dis­trib­u­tor: Nikon Aus­tralia Pty Ltd, tele­phone 1300 366 499 or visit www.mynikon­

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