Nikon D500

All the good­ness of the flag­ship D5 dis­tilled into an ‘APS-C’ for­mat D-SLR, which makes this the re­flex cam­era world’s most con­vinc­ing an­swer to the mir­ror­less ques­tion.



Con­struc­tion: Mag­ne­sium al­loy bodyshell and chas­sis, sealed against dust and mois­ture. Lens Mount: Nikon F bay­o­net (D-type). Sen­sor Type/Size: CMOS, 15,7x23.5 mm. No op­ti­cal low-pass fil­ter. To­tal Pix­els: 21.51 mil­lion (max­i­mum im­age size = 5568x3712 pix­els). Fo­cal Length Con­ver­sion Fac­tor: 1.5x Stor­age Medium: Two slots for SD mem­ory cards (with UHS-II sup­port for SDHC and SDXC) and XQD mem­ory cards. Data Com­pres­sion: Three lev­els of JPEG com­pres­sion on three res­o­lu­tion set­tings, un­com­pressed TIFF-RGB; and 12-bit or 14-bit loss­less com­pressed, com­pressed or un­com­pressed on RAW data. RAW+JPEG cap­ture. Also choice of 1.3x im­age for­mat. ISO Range: 100-51,200 (ex­tend­able to ISO 50, 102, 400, 204,800, 409,600, 819,200 and 1,638,400). Bu er Mem­ory: Up to 200 frames JPEG/large/fine or 200 RAW. Max­i­mum Frame Rate: 10.0 per sec­ond. Video Record­ing: MOV for­mat (MPEG-4 AVC/H .264 com­pres­sion) – 4K UHD at 3840x2160 pix­els; 30, 25 or 24 fps and 16:9 as­pect ra­tio (max­i­mum bit rate is 144 Mbps). Full HD at 1920x1080; 50, 25 or 24 fps and 16:9 as­pect ra­tio (max­i­mum bit rate is 48 Mbps). HD at 1280x720 pix­els, 60 or 50 fps and 16:9 as­pect ra­tio (max­i­mum bit rate is 24 Mbps). Stereo mi­cro­phones with auto/man­ual ad­justable lev­els, ad­justable fre­quency re­sponse and wind noise fil­ter. Stereo au­dio in­put and out­put. Power aper­ture con­trol, live frame grab, time lapse record­ing, auto flicker de­tec­tion, elec­tronic im­age sta­bil­i­sa­tion, un­com­pressed 4K/2K 8-bit 4:2:2 colour out­put via HDMI con­nec­tion with si­mul­ta­ne­ous record­ing to a mem­ory card. Aut­o­fo­cus­ing: 153 points with auto/man­ual se­lec­tion, face de­tec­tion and auto track­ing. Up to 99 cross-type sen­sor ar­rays (de­pend­ing on lens speed). Me­ter­ing: 180,000 pix­els ‘3D Colour Ma­trix III’ sen­sor with multi-pat­tern, cen­tre-weighted av­er­age (with vari­able cen­tre zone di­am­e­ter), high­light weighted, spot and i-TTL flash. Ex­po­sure Modes: Pro­gram (with shift), aper­ture/ shut­ter-pri­or­ity auto and man­ual. Shut­ter: Fo­cal plane, ver­ti­cal travel, 30-1/8000 sec­ond plus ‘B’, flash sync up to 1/250 sec­ond. Sen­sor-based shut­ter for silent shoot­ing. White Bal­ance: Auto ( White, Nor­mal, Keep Warm modes), 12 pre­sets, six cus­tom pre­sets, spot mea­sure­ment, auto brack­et­ing, cor­rec­tion (blueto-am­ber and/or ma­genta-to-green) and man­ual colour tem­per­a­ture set­ting. Power Source: Recharge­able lithium-ion bat­tery pack. Fea­tures: Back-il­lu­mi­nated con­trols, sen­sor clean­ing, dual-axis ‘vir­tual hori­zon’ dis­play, live view func­tions (with con­trast-de­tec­tion AF), 8.1 cm LCD mon­i­tor (2.539 megadots res­o­lu­tion) ad­justable for tilt and with se­lected touch con­trols, ‘Ac­tive D-Light­ing’ con­trast con­trol, ADL brack­et­ing, seven ‘Picture Con­trol’ pre­sets (Stan­dard, Neu­tral, Vivid, Monochrome, Por­trait, Land­scape and Flat), ad­justable ‘Picture Con­trol’ pa­ram­e­ters (Sharp­en­ing, Clar­ity, Con­trast, Bright­ness, Sat­u­ra­tion, Hue) with ‘Quick Ad­just’, B&W fil­ters and ton­ing ef­fects, nine user-de­fined ‘Picture Con­trol’ modes, mul­ti­ple ex­po­sure fa­cil­ity (up to ten frames with Add, Av­er­age, Lighten or Darken ex­po­sure ad­just­ment), in­ter­val­ome­ter (up 9999 shots with ex­po­sure smooth­ing), HDR multi-shot cap­ture (Smooth­ing, Ex­po­sure Dif­fer­en­tion), sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spa­ces, long ex­po­sure noise re­duc­tion, high ISO noise re­duc­tion, grid guide (for viewfinder and live view screen), real-time his­togram in live view, dual-axis level in­di­ca­tor (for viewfinder and live view screen), auto ISO with auto min­i­mum shut­ter speed con­trol, in-cam­era lens cor­rec­tions (dis­tor­tion and vi­gnetting) im­age com­ments in­put, copy­right/ IPTC in­for­ma­tion, auto im­age ori­en­ta­tion, ad­justable im­age dis­play time, slide show, 4/9/72 thumb­nail dis­plays, his­togram dis­plays (bright­ness and/or RGB chan­nels), high­light alert, play­back zoom (up to 21x), in-cam­era edit­ing func­tions ( Trim, Re­size, D-Light­ing, Red-Eye Cor­rec­tion, Straighten, Dis­tor­tion Con­trol, Per­spec­tive Con­trol, Fil­ter Ef­fects, Monochrome, Im­age Over­lay, RAW Pro­cess­ing, Edit Movie), built-in WiFi with NFC con­nec­tiv­ity. SnapBridge ( WiFi/Blue­tooth) com­pli­ant. Pic­tBridge com­pli­ant. May be fit­ted with op­tional GP-1/GP-1A GPS re­ceivers.

$3199 body only. Es­ti­mated av­er­age street prices.

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