Napoléon and the Sur­re­al­ists

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Silent cin­ema wasn’t all dap­per lit­tle gen­tle­men fall­ing into hot wa­ter, how­ever. Come the 20’s, the art form be­gan to grow up. Abel Gance made Napoléon in 1927 – an epic film run­ning for a stag­ger­ing nine hours and 22 min­utes.

Vis­ual artists also be­gan to see the po­ten­tial in “mov­ing pic­tures”. Span­ish film­maker, Luis Buñuel, teamed up with Salvador Dalí in Paris, where the pair made Un Chien Andalou (1929) – the most fa­mous short film in history. Buñuel de­scribed the brain­storm­ing process: “Dalí said to me, ‘I dreamed last night of ants swarm­ing around in my hands’, and I said, ‘Good Lord, and I dreamed that I had sliced some­body or other’s eye. There’s the film, let’s go and make it.’”

Un Chien Andalou (1929)

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