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Why hav­ing the right mind­set is crit­i­cal to your suc­cess. When we start to talk about the mind­set of suc­cess and the psy­chol­ogy of achieve­ment some peo­ple will get su­per ex­cited and others will zone out and want to run a mil­lion miles. Let me ex­plain why.

Be­fore I do, I'm go­ing to put my hand up here and say I was one of those rare eggs who ac­tu­ally en­joyed math­e­mat­ics at school. I know not ev­ery­one did, and while I wasn't a maths nerd, it just made sense to me. I liked the fact that you were usu­ally given the for­mula up­front and then only needed to in­put a num­ber of vari­ables into an equa­tion to get the an­swer spat out at the back end. Even bet­ter was the fact that if you didn't get ex­actly the right an­swer you would still of­ten get marks for at least try­ing to fol­low the for­mula and come up with the right an­swer.

So, what does math­e­mat­ics have to do with the mind­set of suc­cess? One of the things I learned fairly early on in my ed­u­ca­tion was that there is a cer­tain for­mula that will lead to suc­cess (or fail­ure) in any field of en­deav­our, and it is this:

T > B > A = R

That is, your THOUGHTS (T) will blend with your life ex­pe­ri­ences to cre­ate your BE­LIEFS (B). Your BE­LIEFS will then pro­pel you to take AC­TION (A) (or no ac­tion), which will ul­ti­mately lead to your RE­SULTS (R) in life.

Let me il­lus­trate this for­mula with an ex­am­ple.

Imag­ine for a mo­ment you think you are pretty funny (T)? Through­out your early life peo­ple laugh with (or at) you. At school, you be­come known as the class clown ca­pa­ble of mak­ing ev­ery­one else roll on the floor with laugh­ter. When peo­ple talk about you, they say things like “he/she is a funny fella/lady”. Over time you start to be­lieve (B) that you are in fact hi­lar­i­ous. So, this be­lief will de­ter­mine what sort of ac­tions you might take in life. For ex­am­ple, if you truly be­lieve you are the next Jerry Se­in­field, Joan Rivers or Chris Rock you might start out do­ing a few open mic nights at a lo­cal com­edy club, or au­di­tion for a role on TV.

If this goes well, and your be­lief strength­ens, you might even think about be­com­ing a co­me­dian full time (A). Who knows? And if you are ac­tu­ally good at it, prac­tise hard and per­se­vere through all the chal­lenges on the jour­ney to be­com­ing a fa­mous and well-paid co­me­dian you may just end up mak­ing a great life for your­self (R)".

Now clearly, if you don't be­lieve you are funny the thought of get­ting up in front of an au­di­ence at an open mic night is some­thing that will prob­a­bly scare the heck out of you and the chances of you ever tak­ing that ac­tion is next to zero!

De­pend­ing on whether you can ac­cept the logic of this for­mula for life (T > B > A = R) will de­ter­mine your mind­set and how you will go in­vest­ing or in any other en­deav­our. Some peo­ple will look at the for­mula and say OK if I want to change one or more ar­eas of my life what I need to do is work on my thoughts and be­liefs. Others will look at the for­mula and freak out be­cause in or­der to change their re­sults they need to fo­cus on their thoughts and be­liefs and be pre­pared to take dif­fer­ent ac­tions in life.

Just as one per­son jump­ing out of a plane might view that as ex­cit­ing and fun, an­other will view it as scary and dan­ger­ous. Ei­ther way, the ac­tions you take (or don't take) and the re­sults you achieve (or don't achieve) are di­rectly pro­por­tional to the thoughts and be­liefs that you hold about your­self.

How­ever, we also want to make it su­per clear that un­like what they might try and teach you in cer­tain self-help books, just wish­ing for some­thing alone will rarely make it hap­pen. The right mind­set needs to be com­bined with the right ac­tions to get the best re­sults.

Luke Har­ris and Matthew Bate­man are co-founders of The Prop­erty Men­tors, a Mel­bourne-based busi­ness com­pris­ing an elite team of prop­erty pro­fes­sion­als who ed­u­cate, mo­ti­vate and fa­cil­i­tate clients from all around Aus­tralia. Their new book, Let's Get Real (Ma­jor Street Pub­lish­ing $29.95) is now avail­able.

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