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Ev­ery­thing you need to know to get started on a low carb, high fat diet

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EVER heard the term LCHF? Chances are if you want to lose weight you have, and a new book makes chang­ing to a Low Carb High Fat diet easy and a gen­uine op­tion that many peo­ple have taken up. We’ve also got three great recipes to share PLUS three copies of the book to be won!

The skinny on LCHF

This (skinny) sec­tion is the cheat’s guide for those who wanted to start yes­ter­day, or those who don’t have time to read the whole book. Or those who just want to know what all the fuss is about.

What is LCHF?

◆ LCHF typ­i­cally stands for Low Carb, High Fat, but we have re­named it Low Carb, Healthy Fat. We feel that this bet­ter re­flects what it’s all about. While we do want you to eat more fat than you are prob­a­bly used to, the em­pha­sis is on healthy sources of fat. LCHF is not a “diet”; it is a way of life. This book cov­ers the ben­e­fits you’ll reap and the rea­sons be­hind the stun­ning suc­cesses from eat­ing and liv­ing the Low Carb, Healthy Fat way.

◆ The LCHF lifestyle en­com­passes a way of eat­ing that em­braces whole foods – foods that are min­i­mally pro­cessed and gen­er­ally don’t come in pack­ages. If you truly em­brace this way of eat­ing, it will nat­u­rally end up be­ing lower in car­bo­hy­drate and higher in fat than the cur­rent, main­stream way of eat­ing. While there is an el­e­ment of re­stric­tion (as there is with what­ever you do in life), it is not about de­pri­va­tion.

Why should YOU do it?

LCHF has many dif­fer­ent ad­van­tages, both for your­self and for your fam­ily. Here are the top five you might iden­tify with. Do you want to:

◆ Lose weight and keep it off for good? Have you tried to lose weight be­fore but then put the weight back on again (along with some more)?

◆ Have a healthy re­la­tion­ship with food? Do you con­stantly feel hun­gry and beat your­self up when you eat foods you shouldn’t?

◆ Im­prove in­flam­ma­tory health con­di­tions? Do you suf­fer from aches and pains and in­flam­ma­tion for which you have to rely on med­i­ca­tions for im­prove­ments?

◆ Break free of that “tired and run-down” feel­ing?

Are you busy, feel per­ma­nently ex­hausted and reg­u­larly reach for un­healthy food?

◆ Live bet­ter for longer? Do you sim­ply want to “be the best you can be” in health and in life? Do you want to be able to pro­vide food for your­self and your fam­ily that is tasty, nour­ish­ing and easy? If you find your­self nod­ding your head when you read this list, then LCHF is def­i­nitely for you.

Why LCHF works

◆ If you gain weight eas­ily, feel lethar­gic, stressed and are out of shape, the chances are you are in­sulin re­sis­tant and in­tol­er­ant to carbs. LCHF is the best ap­proach for man­ag­ing in­sulin re­sis­tance. ◆ When you can con­trol your blood sug­ars and the hor­mones that con­trol your en­ergy lev­els and weight (es­pe­cially in­sulin), your body will re­spond by work­ing as it was de­signed to – as a fat-burn­ing ma­chine!

◆ Weight con­trol will be­come ef­fort­less, your en­ergy lev­els will be bet­ter and you will feel great – free at last from the low-fat calo­rie-count­ing way of liv­ing that left you hun­gry, sick and tired. ◆ What raises glu­cose and in­sulin lev­els? Car­bo­hy­drate, of course. We all vary in how we re­spond to and tol­er­ate carbs. Find­ing your par­tic­u­lar carb-tol­er­ance level means your blood sugar and in­sulin will be well con­trolled.

◆ Good-qual­ity carbs from whole foods that are min­i­mally pro­cessed, such as veg­eta­bles, fruit, dairy prod­ucts and the oc­ca­sional legume (beans and pulses).

◆ Pro­tein from min­i­mally pro­cessed meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy prod­ucts, nuts, seeds and legumes (beans and pulses).

◆ Fat from whole, plant and an­i­mal sources, in­clud­ing avocado, olive oil, nuts, fatty fish, dairy and co­conut prod­ucts.

What shouldn’t I eat?

◆ Re­fined and pro­cessed junk foods con­tain­ing sugar. ◆ Re­fined, nu­tri­ent-poor, pack­aged car­bo­hy­drate based foods, in­clud­ing most grains such as breads, ce­re­als, pasta, rice, muesli bars and crack­ers. An edited ex­cerpt from What the Fat? by Prof. Grant Schofield, Dr Caryn Zinn and Craig Rodger (Echo Pub­lish­ing |

Fe­bru­ary 2017 | $29.99)

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