Your stars for March

With Lu­nar


Pisces, Feb 20th – Mar 20th

WHAT a lovely month ahead Pisces you will spend many days dur­ing this month won­der­ing where your fu­ture may lie. Per­haps you need to con­sider fol­low­ing your heart, deep down it has never led you astray be­fore. Throw cau­tion to the wind and set sail…des­tiny awaits.

Aries, Mar 21st – Apr 20th

NO one could ever ac­cuse Aries of be­ing bor­ing when it comes to fun times then it is time to jump on the party band­wagon. When it comes right down to it you are the party an­i­mal of the zo­diac you might find out how much stamina you re­ally have can you re­ally man­age an all-nighter.

Tau­rus, Apr 21st – May 21st

STUB­BORN as al­ways you can­not force a bull to do any­thing when they set their mind to it. March is a month of be­ing able to kick back and re­lax a lit­tle, it could be time to con­sider tak­ing a much need break or plan a hol­i­day away with some­one spe­cial.

Gem­ini, May 22nd – June 22nd

WHAT a dif­fer­ence a month makes it seems that you are al­ready forg­ing ahead with such bravado that oth­ers around you might trem­ble with fear. If you have hit a snag in re­gards to your ca­reer, then it may be time to throw cau­tion to the wind you will never climb the lad­der of suc­cess if you don’t dream big.

Can­cer, June 23rd – July 23rd

YOU will en­joy a month where you can spend up big, whether it is on a brand new wardrobe or just find­ing time to en­joy the good things that life has to of­fer. Your re­cent ad­ven­tures may have seen you trip­ping the light fan­tas­tic this year put those danc­ing shoes back on get your groove back.

Leo, July 24th – Aug 23rd

PUSSYCAT where have you been? Cer­tainly you are in need of spend­ing some me time. It is high time you dragged your­self kick­ing and scream­ing out of the Sum­mer heat and pre­pared to be in­dulged, think spa hol­i­day or a day trip out with un­lim­ited shop­ping bud­get. I mean a girl has to look good, right.

Virgo, Aug 24th – Sept 24th

THERE is noth­ing more ex­cit­ing than a Virgo when they are feel­ing con­fi­dent, baby you have con­fi­dence to spare this month. So you have great karma around you at present which has been a long time com­ing. Peo­ple that might have done you wrong bet­ter look out it could be a case of out with the old, rel­ish the new.

Li­bra, Sept 24th – Oct 23rd

THERE is no time like the present to get your­self back in bal­ance, Li­brans don’t like to feel that their life is not pan­ning out evenly. Now it is up to you to take up new chal­lenges in your life. Per­haps a new hobby or per­haps a ca­reer change could be on the cards. If up for a pro­mo­tion, then it will be all sys­tems are go.

Scor­pio, Oct 24th – Nov 22nd

WELL how do you feel about liv­ing dan­ger­ously all Scor­pios love the thrill of ex­pe­ri­enc­ing whether it be sky div­ing or deep sea scuba div­ing it will be a long held dream for you to chal­lenge your­self in dif­fer­ent ways. When a Scor­pio gets a bril­liant idea, it is only a very strong per­son who can make them change their mind. Drag out the parachute and en­joy the fly.

Sagit­tar­ius, Nov 23rd – Dec 21st

YOU have never felt bet­ter in your life, the world turns favourably for you at present so any spe­cial projects un­der­taken will work out well for you. If start­ing a new area in your ca­reer pre­pare to be blown away by the sup­port you re­ceive from oth­ers. It is the start of some­thing big.

Capri­corn, Dec 22nd – Jan 20th

HAVE you felt the urge to change your ap­pear­ance now will be the time, it is so good to have that sig­na­ture look, but girl­friend it might be get­ting a tad bor­ing? You should in­vest in chang­ing your hair, makeup it will be sur­pris­ing how great a makeover can make you feel. You might just at­tract at­ten­tion from some­one who has a crush on you but is too shy to make the first move.

Aquar­ius, Jan 21st – Feb 19th

WHOA! Is there any star sign who is pos­i­tively glow­ing at present? Aquar­ius you are a reg­u­lar su­per­star with so many peo­ple de­mand­ing your at­ten­tion so it fig­ures that if feel­ing a lit­tle stretched it is sim­ply a mat­ter of get­ting to peo­ple who mat­ter. Don’t waste time let­ting neg­a­tive peo­ple in your life, sur­round your­self with hap­pi­ness and sun­shine.

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