There’s an app for that!

Want to get rid of those ex­tra win­ter lay­ers? No mat­ter what kind of ex­er­cise you’re af­ter, there’s an app to help you get on the road to bet­ter fit­ness. With spring now here, check out these apps to get you fit, healthy and sum­mer-ready


Couch to 5km (C25K)

THIS app is de­signed to get you run­ning 5km by a long, steady sys­tem of im­prove­ment. Over nine weeks you will have a trainer in your ear, who tells you ex­actly what to do us­ing in­ter­val walk­ing and run­ning. One of the most pop­u­lar train­ing apps on the net.


ONE of the most pop­u­lar apps for jog­gers, this al­lows you to track your ex­er­cise, sweat, set goals and see how you’re go­ing. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your speed and dis­tance, with up­dates that cut into your mu­sic to keep you in­formed of your per­for­mance.

Push-Ups Work­out EV­ERY­ONE loves push-ups, right? With this app, over time you will build up your strength by put­ting the phone un­der your head and as you do the push-up touch­ing the screen with your nose. Sounds daft but it works. Do it ev­ery day and over 30 days you will be do­ing push-ups ef­fort­lessly. With each new level it re-eval­u­ates your sta­tus to make sure the plan works.

Ta­bata Timer

IF YOU haven’t dis­cov­ered the in­ten­sity of Ta­bata then give it a whirl. A Ta­bata work­out con­sists of 20 sec­onds work, then 10 sec­onds rest, eight times. Choose from one to eight move­ments and go for it. This timer has a big clear dis­play and records your ef­forts. Ta­bata is great for those who are time-poor but need an in­tense work­out.

7 Minute Work­out IF YOU want a trainer in your pocket and don’t have time to get to a gym, this app has 1001 ways to do a seven-minute work­out with lit­tle or no equip­ment that will leave you breath­less by the end. With 12 dif­fer­ent move­ments for 30 sec­onds fol­lowed by 10 sec­onds of rest, it will im­prove your over­all core strength and won’t take up too much time.

Lose It!

IT’S a fact those who track and record their food in­take have a bet­ter chance of los­ing weight. With Lose It you en­ter your in­for­ma­tion and goals. En­ter your food in the di­ary and it al­lows you to fol­low your calo­rie in­take re­quired to lose weight, which acts as a good mo­ti­va­tor. It also links to most pop­u­lar fit­ness bands like Fit­bit, Garmin etc.

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