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Clean Up

AS SOON as you can, take a wan­der around the yard clean up, throw out or store neatly is the aim of the game.

Trim any­thing that looks ‘yuk’. Just give ev­ery­thing a light trim to neaten them up. Now is not the time to give ev­ery­thing a heavy handed trim, save that for af­ter the par­ties.

Re­move dead flow­ers and yel­low leaves. If a plant looks re­ally bad, maybe now is time to make the big de­ci­sion to pull it out and re­place with a beau­ti­ful healthy look­ing plant.

All those pots with half dead an­nu­als - get rid of them. Empty the soil out into your gar­den and store empty pots neatly out of sight. If some­thing looks un­healthy but you want to keep it, move it out of eye­sight.

Give ev­ery­thing a good fer­tilise with Or­ganic Link and start liq­uid fer­til­is­ing weekly with Plant Care to give your gar­den a good kick up the …

Green up your lawn

The lawn is the most im­por­tant part of many par­ties.

Start by giv­ing it a good mow and tidy up the edges. Usu­ally in sum­mer lawns can be mown a lit­tle higher and if rain is about mow once a week. Try to mow with the catcher on to stop the spread of dis­ease and weeds.

If it’s look­ing a bit brown­ish, try us­ing a soil wet­ter and then a liq­uid fer­tilise with Triple Boost ev­ery week for a quick boost and green up.

The last thing you want your guests do­ing is the bindi dance. Spray your lawn with Sear­les Lawn Weeder at least two weeks be­fore your party so all the weeds like bindi have had a chance to die.

Try to whip­per­snip and mow the day be­fore your party so the lawns look fresh and neat.

Spread mulch

Mulch cov­ers up a mul­ti­tude of sins and empty spa­ces al­ways seem full af­ter mulching. Sugar Cane, Sear­les Pre­mium Gar­den Mulch, Bark are all great choices and they are great for the soil.

Did you know that mulching, when it’s done right, can re­duce wa­ter­ing by about 60%?

Add Colour

For your gar­den, un­less you’ve been plan­ning this for months, there re­ally isn’t any time to be plant­ing young seedlings. You are go­ing to have to go for ad­vanced seedlings or pots of colour.

I like to strate­gi­cally place pots of colour in empty spa­ces in the gar­den.

Try us­ing a colour theme to re­ally make a state­ment. Ei­ther use all same coloured pots or chose sim­i­lar coloured flow­ers like all reds and whites.

My ta­ble dec­o­ra­tions are al­ways plants as in this heat cut flow­ers just don’t seem to last. A mixed pot of coloured sil­ver­beet looks amaz­ing as a ta­ble dec­o­ra­tion and ev­ery­one can pick their own salad.

While you may not feel like gar­den­ing in the heat there are some plants that just thrive and their flow­ers hold – Pen­tas, Celosia, An­geloina, Gera­ni­ums, Hibis­cus, Be­go­nias, Poin­set­tias just to name a few.

The day be­fore your party, do a last-minute clean-up (trim dead flow­ers). Make sure all the plants are wa­tered. The last thing you want to be do­ing on the party morn­ing is run­ning around wa­ter­ing wilt­ing plants be­fore guests ar­rive.

En­joy par­ty­ing in style.


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