Meet Nick Tru­elove, who is tak­ing the fash­ion world by storm


NICK Tru­elove is living the dream.

One day he’s fin­ish­ing school at St Ed­mund’s with plans to be in­volved in sports ther­apy.

Twelve months later and the 18-year-old finds him­self living in New York and trav­el­ling to places such as Mi­lan, Barcelona, London and Paris, to model clothes on the cat­walks of the world’s big­gest fash­ion shows.

Home for the first time since his life be­came a whirl­wind of fash­ion pa­rades, air­port lounges and photo shoots, Nick sat down with QT Mag­a­zine to try and ex­plain the past year of his life that has seen him forge a ca­reer that, if all goes to plan, should set him up for the rest of his life.

They say you can take the boy out of Ip­swich but you can’t take the Ip­swich out of the boy. There’s proof in that when Nick was asked how a young man from a hum­ble city like Ip­swich ended up living in New York, mod­el­ling clothes in Mi­lan with the Kar­dashi­ans watch­ing on, then get­ting paid for it.

“It’s got me stuffed,” Nick laughed. “I have no idea, it just hap­pened I guess. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school. When I was at St Ed­die’s all I cared about was sport and I thought maybe I wanted to do phys­io­ther­apy, I never had a plan.

“That’s why I jumped head-first into this. I didn’t know any­thing about the in­dus­try, what could hap­pen, I had no­body to look up to…it re­ally was jump­ing into it blindly.”

Nick was get­ting so much work that it made sense for him to leave home and he moved for a while to New York. Tak­ing his mum Kate with him, Nick de­cided to fly the Ip­swich nest.

“I was stay­ing in a house with five other mod­els in New York, all in their 20s so they helped me out. I re­mem­ber call­ing my mum on the first night and I said ‘what do I buy at the shops, what do I cook for din­ner?’ “It was tough on my mum, leav­ing me in New York. “At the time, just go­ing over­seas for the for first time was ex­cit­ing, see­ing a new coun­try, be­ing on planes, but it was tough on both of us. It was weird be­ing in a big city on my own, pay­ing rent, cook­ing for my­self.

“But it’s taught me a lot and I’ve learned heaps from the ex­pe­ri­ence. I’m more ma­ture now, I’ve learnt to meet peo­ple, talk to peo­ple, and it’s re­ally given me lots of life skills.”

Nick spent the next 12 months trav­el­ling the world from job to job, ap­pear­ing at Fash­ion Week events across the globe, living out of a suit­case. If you’ve ever wondered what an av­er­age day is like at Mi­lan Fash­ion Week, Nick has the an­swers.

“When I’m on a job, I’ll land, go straight to the ho­tel, then rest. Next day up early go­ing to cast­ings, up to 10 a day, and it feels like catch­ing up with mates all over the place. You go to cast­ing di­rec­tors for all the brands be­cause they ask to see you. Then, if they want you, they call you back and ask you to come in for a fit­ting.

“On the day of a show, you get there four hours be­fore it starts. You go back­stage, get your hair and make-up down, then just chill out. For me it’s like hang­ing out with your mates, as we all see each other all time,” Nick said.

So while Nick en­joys what he does, he never knows what he’s do­ing from week to week. For­tu­nately, the pay is good so he’s not re­duced to living on veg­emite toast and cupp-a-soups just yet.

“It’s true that I don’t know where the next job is com­ing from but that’s the way it is. If I wasn’t get­ting any work, there’d be noth­ing com­ing in but, so far, I’ve been very lucky.

“My main agent is in Sydney and that’s where ev­ery­thing I do comes from,” Nick said.

“I don’t re­ally have a base, I go where the work takes me. Ev­ery day is dif­fer­ent, that’s the fun thing. It’s what makes me want to do it as long as I can. I love that fact that I don’t know where I could go and who I’m work­ing for. It’s so ran­dom, I love it, it’s fun.

“Do you ever get used to living out of a suit­case? You just have to. You never en­joy do­ing it, to be hon­est I’m a bit sick of living out of a suit­case but that’s the life of a model.”

Com­ing home for a few weeks af­ter a whirl­wind ride, Nick is happy to do the most mun­dane things and see his fam­ily. He misses Ip­swich, no mat­ter where in the world he is.

“Com­ing home to Ippy has been great, I love it, just see­ing fa­mil­iar places and peo­ple in the city I grew up in. It’s been nice to be home with the fam­ily, to play my Playsta­tion…its so re­fresh­ing to not have to rush off.

“I’m told it does get eas­ier, living that way,” Nick said. “I strug­gled at the start but it does get eas­ier the more I do it, as I’m mak­ing more friends, but of course I al­ways miss home af­ter a pe­riod of time.

“When I was over­seas and a bit down, I would think of stupid things, like the Ed­dies’ school oval, or do­ing some shop­ping at River­link…lit­tle things like that. I of­ten wished I could be walk­ing around Ip­swich. It’s awe­some to come home and re­alise I’m get­ting so much sup­port.”

For Nick, the high­light of this jour­ney so far has been Mi­lan, where he stopped to pinch him­self.

“One of the big­gest mo­ments was my first show with Ver­sace in Mi­lan. That was in­sane. See­ing the whole pro­duc­tion, all the peo­ple be­hind it, see­ing fa­mous peo­ple for the first time…I’ve just left school, I’m 17 and this is hap­pen­ing to me?

“It’s a good life, I know how lucky I am to travel and do what I do then get paid for it. Not many 19-year-olds can say they’ve done what I’ve done. I al­ways count my bless­ings and know that I’m so for­tu­nate,” Nick said.

“I have so many mates in Ip­swich, that will never change. Never for­get your mates and look out for each other.”

Com­ing home to Ippy has been great, I love it. Nick Tru­elove


For­mer St Ed­mund's Col­lege stu­dent and international model Nick Tru­elove takes a break from his whirl­wind ca­reer.


St Ed­mund's Col­lege old boy Nick Tru­elove strut­ting his stuff on the cat­walks of the world.

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CLOCK­WISE FROM TOP LEFT: 1. Nick on the cat­walk 2. His fam­ily Derek, Kate, Matt and Lily Tru­elove, taken soon af­ter Nick left for over­seas. 3. One of Nick’s ear­lier shots 4. You’re never too old to tease your younger brother, in this case its Matt Tru­elove.

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