A new lan­guage

Sporty mother gets kit­ted out for the week­end


SILLY mid-off. Yorker. Doosra. Golden duck. Jaffa.

Hon­estly, cricket has its own lan­guage, and it most def­i­nitely has its own brand of (slightly fa­nat­i­cal) fol­low­ers. Hav­ing grown up on a healthy diet of rugby league, the whole cricket sub-cul­ture was some­thing my hus­band tried to get me in­volved in. He took me to games, but it was to day three of a Sh­effield Shield game back in the late 90s, and his ef­forts were in vain – I never quite showed much in­ter­est in the game.

So of course (as th­ese things hap­pen) our child has be­come cricket-ob­sessed like his father. It started with watch­ing it on telly and play­ing in the back­yard. Then it pro­gressed to fol­low­ing cricket play­ers – I was quite taken aback with how up­set he was when Mitchell John­son re­tired.

And so, it wasn’t much of a sur­prise when he wanted to play the game. Our whole cricket ca­per started last year when he played T20 on a Fri­day night. I was quite happy with this – it was one hour on a Fri­day night and that was it for the week. It then pro­gressed to a Satur­day morn­ing ses­sion for a cou­ple of hours (with an hour train­ing on a week­day af­ter­noon) to­wards the end of last sea­son.

Not sur­pris­ingly, cricket has been played again this sea­son. Train­ing one af­ter­noon a week and a two-hour game on a Satur­day morn­ing. The last cou­ple of week­ends though, the child has been play­ing on Sun­day af­ter­noons as well. So as a per­son who wasn’t re­ally into cricket, I’ve ended up hav­ing a cricket-filled week­end – and it doesn’t look to be end­ing.

We are for­tu­nate enough to be in a team where the coach and the other par­ents are awe­some. It cer­tainly makes the games much more en­joy­able. We all seem to be re­laxed about it all – most of the boys are un­der 10, so we’re not ex­actly play­ing for sheep sta­tions here!

So, if you’re like me and you’ve ac­ci­den­tally lost your week­end to sport, here some tips on sur­viv­ing a sport-filled week­end:

■ In­vest in a de­cent chair. Our cheap chairs didn’t cut the mus­tard af­ter a while.

■ Pack lots of food. Not only for the child, but also for your­self.

■ Bring lots of wa­ter. This goes with­out say­ing, but hon­estly, pack twice as much wa­ter as you think you need.

■ Make sure you have sun­screen and in­sect re­pel­lent.

■ Also, bring a book. Bring a sketch­book. Bring an elec­tronic de­vice (and a bat­tery pack!). Be­cause hon­estly, some­times you just must tune out. Un­less, like my hus­band, you are one of the pre­vi­ously men­tioned fa­nat­i­cal cricket fans who is in ab­so­lute heaven with the cricket-filled week­end!

P.S. I’ve re­cently been to an­other live cricket game since that bore-fest of a Shield match in the 90s. I’ve de­cided that Big Bash is a ver­sion of the game that I can to­tally get be­hind. Much to my hus­band’s dis­gust. But he’s a fa­nat­i­cal cricket fan so I’m not tak­ing any no­tice of him!


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