It’s time to re­solve an ad­dic­tion

Firm rules have been put in place to kick the shop­ping habit


AS I try to squeeze yet an­other brand new item of cloth­ing into my wardrobe, it has be­come clear I have a shop­ping ad­dic­tion.

There are few in­vest­ments that will de­pre­ci­ate in value more quickly than clothes and cos­met­ics so it’s a heart-sink­ing re­al­i­sa­tion that’s where my money is sit­ting.

I’m not ac­tu­ally a ma­te­ri­al­is­tic per­son. I live in a sim­ple house with min­i­mal fur­ni­ture. I’ve gone for years with­out own­ing a TV.

I don’t en­joy go­ing to the shops and try­ing clothes on but at some point way I’ve ac­quired a re­lent­less clothes shop­ping habit.

I think it was from my time liv­ing in the coun­try. With few shops I started shop­ping on­line. I think it was the joy of hav­ing a package turn up in the mail that I got ad­dicted to rather than the ac­tual de­sire to own more clothes.

None the less, it is be­yond a joke. I can prob­a­bly make it a month with­out wash­ing and still have clean clothes to wear.

The dis­cov­ery of my best new fren­emy Af­ter Pay has ex­as­per­ated the sit­u­a­tion as well. Haven’t used Af­ter Pay? It’s sim­i­lar to lay-by and al­lows you to pay off your pur­chases in in­stal­ments but you get the items STRAIGHT AWAY. So much in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion it hurts.

So all of this led me to a res­o­lu­tion of sorts – a year of not buy­ing stuff.

The rules on what’s al­lowed:

● Cos­met­ics – foun­da­tion, and mas­cara but only when the cur­rent lot has run out.

● Clothes – un­der­wear to re­place cur­rent items.

● Any­thing re­quired to ful­fil a duty to some­one else i.e. I’m be­ing a brides­maid.

● Hik­ing shoes for a hol­i­day

● And it all has to bought lo­cally, in store. So far it’s gone okay. I only have two more pay­ments on two dif­fer­ent Af­ter Pay trans­ac­tions be­fore I am free of that trap.

Over­all I am pleased with how I have changed my habits.

I have made two cloth­ing pur­chases - both white work tops be­cause I spilled red wine on my other ones. I def­i­nitely need a red wine loop hole. And also I spilled make up on the two new ones I bought al­ready.

I also bought new foun­da­tion be­cause while my cur­rent one isn’t fin­ished yet, I bought it in win­ter and it’s too pale. I can hardly get about look­ing like Mor­ti­cia Adams now can I? I also bought a new primer at the same time be­cause in the words of make-up mogul Napolean Perdis, it’s a crime not to prime. And also the makeup lady at the store looked so good and she told me she used it. It hasn’t had the same re­sults on me. Les­son learned okay. This is hard.

Only last night I spent a good hour scrolling through the lat­est col­lec­tion of the my favourite brand, adding and sub­tract­ing items from my wish list. My hand was a lit­tle shaky as I closed the browser with­out buy­ing any­thing.

But I have learned some great lessons out of all of this - don’t wear white and there’s no way the makeup lady looks as good as she does sim­ply be­cause of the primer.


On­line shop­ping had be­come a way of life for Shan­non Newley, but not any more.

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