Baris­tas Of Ip­swich

EACH sea­son QT Mag­a­zine will meet those peo­ple who are on the front­line of keep­ing this city mov­ing. Without our baris­tas, Ip­swich would come to a stand­still, let’s be hon­est. This is­sue we catch up with Ver­ity Ire­land, at Wild Rose Cot­tage Cafe.


Ver­ity Ire­land, 19, is co-owner and chief cof­fee qual­ity con­trol and pro­duc­tion of­fi­cer at Wild Rose Café on Black­stone Road. She says you can just call her the café’s barista, ei­ther is fine.

How long have you been a barista?

Two years, but work­ing at the café for four years.

What makes a good cof­fee?

Qual­ity beans are the se­cret. I have an Ital­ian un­cle and his stan­dards are pretty high, plus our cof­fee supplier is also Ital­ian.

My un­cle tried my cof­fee and gave me the thumbs up. We use Lu­nar­dini cof­fee which is grown in Mex­ico and roasted in Italy.

We are the only café in Ip­swich that has it.

What’s your favourite cof­fee?

Cap­puc­cino. I have to be hon­est, I like the choco­late on top.

What’s the odd­est re­quest you’ve ever had?

Prob­a­bly the per­son who asked for seven sug­ars in their cof­fee. What is pop­u­lar now com­pared to when you started?

We do stock lots of dif­fer­ent milks like soy, al­mond, co­conut.

Some peo­ple like a mix­ture of milks.

How many cof­fees a day you make on av­er­age?

Busi­ness is grow­ing and I’m eas­ily do­ing over 100 a day.

Why is cof­fee so im­por­tant to a Café?

It’s the rea­son peo­ple come back to a café. Without good cof­fee a café can’t thrive and grow.

Does Ip­swich have a cof­fee ad­dic­tion?

Ab­so­lutely. You just have to look how many places you can get cof­fee from in Ip­swich now com­pared to a few years ago.

What do you love about your job?

I do ev­ery­thing in the café, from do­ing dishes to clean­ing, but cof­fee is my pas­sion. I want peo­ple to walk out know­ing they have a good cof­fee.

If its not up to my stan­dard I’ll put it aside and start again.

I love the frothy cof­fees, they are my favourite to make.


Ver­ity Ire­land from Wild Rose Cot­tage.

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