Time to lay down the law on shop­ping

Shannon’s six-year shorts quest is a suc­cess


WOMEN’S shop­ping habits are a real mys­tery to me. And yes I am a woman who shops.

I’ve al­ways known I am prone to ques­tion­able de­ci­sion mak­ing when it comes to shop­ping for clothes.

There seems to be a few key ar­eas that trip me up.


We all love a good sale but much like a cou­ple of drinks can cloud your de­ci­sion mak­ing, clothes that you don’t re­ally like can be­come very at­trac­tive when half the price is knocked off.

It’s re­sulted own­er­ship of ques­tion­able out­fits I have worn once which are then rel­e­gated to the back of the cup­board un­til I’ve missed one too many wash­ing days and have to draw on them in des­per­a­tion.


Yes jump­suits are lo­gis­ti­cally a night­mare un­less you have ladies-in-wait­ing to help you in and out of them. But ev­ery­one is wear­ing them and I must too.


Un­able to bear the thought of one more too-tight out­fit I go the op­po­site way and buy clothes a size too big. It’s good in the mo­ment be­cause not fit­ting in to the big­ger size strokes the ego. But down the track when that new $200 dress looks like a sack, well the re­tail re­gret comes in.


This is on the op­po­site side of the spec­trum – buy­ing clothes that are too small with the goal of even­tu­ally fit­ting in to the them. I’ve prac­tised this poor shop­ping strat­egy sev­eral times though it’s been suc­cess­ful on only a few oc­ca­sions.

In my most re­cent clothes cull I dis­cov­ered a pair of shorts I have never worn. Still with tags and all to re­mind me how much they were worth.

I bought them in Fe­bru­ary 2012 but they were too small. Clas­sic as­pi­ra­tional pur­chase. They were also on spe­cial so the sale panic buy was also a mo­ti­va­tor. A per­fect storm for the ir­ra­tional shop­per.

Over the years I have con­sid­ered get­ting rid of them be­cause frankly, my as­pi­ra­tions were in over-drive the day I bought them. They were at least two sizes too small.

But hav­ing still paid a pretty penny for them de­spite the sales, I could never let them go.

This time I laid down the law to my­self and de­cided if I put them on and they didn’t fit (likely) they were gone.

For­tu­nately, af­ter months a hard work at the gym, these small and ex­pen­sive shorts fi­nally fit me. Was a pair of plain but ex­pen­sive navy shorts worth cart­ing around to seven dif­fer­ent houses in three dif­fer­ent towns over the course of six years? I’d sug­gest not.

But when I fi­nally man­age to squeeze into them I was def­i­nitely giv­ing the as­pi­ra­tional/sale panic buyer in me a huge high five. Def­i­nitely a great pur­chase!


The cup­board is full yet there’s noth­ing to wear...or is it just me who feels that way?

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