How to Get Rid of Ants

Nat­u­ral reme­dies for a pest in­va­sion

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Many en­to­mol­o­gists (aka bug ex­perts) say that nat­u­ral reme­dies are not as po­tent as pes­ti­cides when it comes to get­ting rid of lit­tle crit­ters. But if you want to try tox­in­free ways, here are some op­tions:

Lemons Squirt lemon juice on door thresh­olds and win­dowsills. Then squeeze a wedge into holes where ants are com­ing through. Fi­nally, scat­ter slices of lemon peel around out­door en­trances. The acid­ity and smell can help keep the pests away.

Flow­er­pots and hot wa­ter Tired of get­ting stung by bull ants? Place a flow­er­pot up­side down over the anthill, then pour boil­ing wa­ter through the drain holes to elim­i­nate the in­sects’ house.

Herbs and spices Pantry sta­ples like sugar, flour and cer­tain sea­son­ings can fall prey to ants. To keep your food safe, slip a bay leaf in­side your stor­age con­tain­ers. If you’re con­cerned about the flour or sugar pick­ing up a bay leaf flavour, tape the leaf to the in­side of the lid. This works in­side cab­i­nets, too, where sa­chets of sage, cin­na­mon, or whole cloves will smell pleas­ant while dis­cour­ag­ing ants from get­ting cosy.

From the book Ex­tra­or­di­nary Uses for Or­di­nary Things, pub­lished by Reader’s Di­gest.

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