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1. Which two-time Bri­tish prime min­is­ter, born this month in 1804, was col­lo­qui­ally known as Dizzy? 1 point

2. Ac­cord­ing to the proverb, what do empty bar­rels make? 1 point

3. Which Euro­pean coun­try’s cap­i­tal, start­ing with C, means “mer­chant’s haven”? 1 point

4. What would you be do­ing if you emp­tied a Ne­buchad­nez­zar? 1 point

5. What cook­ing method was dis­cov­ered dur­ing the de­vel­op­ment of radar, and patented in 1945? 1 point

6. Which renowned award is pre­sented on De­cem­ber 10 each year, and why is that the cho­sen date? 2 points

7. Which two al­lit­er­a­tive coun­tries bor­der Panama? 2 points

8. Which posthu­mously pub­lished Ernest Hem­ing­way novel is the ti­tle of a 1983 hit sung by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Par­ton? 1 point 9. What an­i­mal’s name comes from the French for “spiny pig”? 1 point

10. Rollo and Regi­nald were early names be­fore fi­nally set­tling on the cur­rent moniker of which ruddy nosed icon? 1 point

11. To the near­est 10,000 kilo­me­tres, what is the Earth’s cir­cum­fer­ence? 2 points

12. In which sport would a night­watch­man whose score was a Nel­son be dis­ap­pointed to hit a dolly off a pie? What would the per­son’s fi­nal score be? 2 points

13. Which former James Bond has a tat­too read­ing “Scot­land For­ever” on his arm? 1 point

14. What are De­cem­ber’s two zo­diac signs? 1 point

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