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“Come au­tumn’s scathe – come win­ter’s cold – Come change – and hu­man fate!” El­iz­a­beth Bar­rett Brown­ing writes a re­minder in ‘The Au­tumn’ to em­brace the changes that the sea­sons bring. In ac­cord, a col­lec­tion of words about change. An­swers on next page.

Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - Cover - BY EMILY COX & HENRY RATHVON

1. ame­lio­rate v. – A: make bet­ter or more tol­er­a­ble. B: make worse. C: turn up­side down. 2. tack v. – A: switch horses. B: fol­low a zigzag course. C: tai­lor a suit. 3. fer­ment n. – A: state of un­rest or dis­or­derly de­vel­op­ment. B: im­prove­ment. C: evap­o­ra­tion. 4. syn­chro­nise v. – A: cause to co­in­cide. B: in­crease speed. C: move one’s lips. 5. static adj. – A: in a frenzy. B: un­chang­ing. C: mov­ing through space. 6. flux n. – A: se­ries of fail­ures. B: con­tin­ued flow. C: rapid rise. 7. vi­cis­si­tudes n. – A: ex­act op­po­sites. B: mi­nor ad­just­ments. C: ups and downs. 8. fickle adj. – A: be­gin­ning to de­cay.

B: marked by a lack of con­stancy. C: stuck in a rut. 9. im­mutable adj. – A: in mo­tion. B: not sus­cep­ti­ble to change. C: be­com­ing a mon­ster. 10. adapt v. – A: spread grad­u­ally. B: be­come air­borne. C: make fit, usu­ally by al­ter­ation. 11. crescendo n. – A: sud­den nar­row­ing. B: grad­ual in­crease. C: change in colour. 12. hia­tus n. – A: growth spurt. B: in­ter­rup­tion in time or con­ti­nu­ity. C: change of sea­son. 13. ag­i­tate v. – A: re­place. B: break into bits. C: disturb emo­tion­ally. 14. senes­cent adj. – A: get­ting old. B: catch­ing fire. C: de­vel­op­ing a fra­grance. 15. in­cor­ri­gi­ble adj. – A: rust­proof. B: spon­ta­neous. C: not re­formable.

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