Tasty Ways to Add Va­ri­ety to a Dog’s Diet

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Tasty ways to add va­ri­ety to your dog’s diet

Is your dog bored of dry food? Mak­ing your pet’s meals more ap­peal­ing is eas­ier than you might think. Try these ways to spice up your dog’s meals: add some banana, flavour it with beef jerky, or pro­vide car­rots for an af­ter­noon snack.

GO BA­NANAS Add about a third of a soft banana to 1½ cups dry food. Slice it, mash it or stir it into the pel­lets. Not only does it add va­ri­ety and a bit of healthy sweet­ness, which most dogs seem to love, but a bit of banana can also set­tle your dog’s stom­ach.

HEALTHY SNACKS If you have ever been on a diet, you know all about car­ry­ing around baby car­rots to sat­isfy a hunger pang be­tween meals. The good news is that dogs gen­er­ally love car­rots, too. They’re sweet and healthy enough to make them a reg­u­lar part of his diet in place of a bis­cuit.

DOG­GIE TREAT CAR­RI­ERS Save larger plas­tic yo­ghurt pots with fit­ted lids; when you’re tak­ing your dog along on a jour­ney, they are the per­fect size for his favourite small treats. Though most dogs don’t like to eat dur­ing travel, you can re­ward him for his good be­hav­iour once you have reached your des­ti­na­tion.

FLAVOUR IT Try this safe trick: put a stick of beef jerky into a new bag of dry dog food and re­seal it for 24 hours. The scent might make the dry food more tempt­ing to your ca­nine. FOODS TO AVOID ■ Choco­late con­tains theo­bromine, which is poi­sonous to dogs. ■ Thio­sul­phate, an in­gre­di­ent in onions, gar­lic, leeks and shal­lots, can de­stroy your pet’s red blood cells. ■ Ma­cadamia nuts and av­o­cado are also off the menu.

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