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Spring Has Sprung

Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - Front Page - BY EMILY COX & HENRY RATHVON

With spring­time buds gal­lop­ing to­wards the sum­mer grow­ing season, we de­cided to look at words re­lated to for­ward move­ment and progress. See how much head­way you can make, then pro­ceed to the next page for an­swers.

1. ex­pe­dite v. – A: speed along. B: di­ver­sify. C: trans­port.

2. cat­a­lyst n. – A: great leap. B: mile­stone. C: agent of change.

3. ame­lio­ra­tion n. – A: im­prove­ment. B: ground­break­ing idea. C: ex­ec­u­tive de­ci­sion.

4. fruc­tify v. – A: branch out. B: sky­rocket. C: bear fruit.

5. in­sti­gate v. – A: in­cite. B: set goals. C: en­act as law.

6. syn­ergy n. – A: en­thu­si­asm for change. B: com­bined ac­tion. C: lack of drive.

7. wa­ter­shed n. – A: sud­den loss. B: turn­ing point. C: re­serve of strength.

8. pre­cip­i­tately adv. – A: very cau­tiously. B: se­quen­tially. C: with reck­less haste.

9. entrepreneur n. – A: gate­keeper. B: busi­ness starter. C: so­cial climber.

10. strat­a­gem n. – A: level of suc­cess. B: smooth move. C: clever plan.

11. ag­gran­dise v. – A: en­large the scope. B: in­spire with words. C: trans­form.

12. vati­c­i­nate v. – A: steer to com­ple­tion. B: pre­dict the fu­ture. C: be­come holier.

13. avant-garde adj. – A: fear­less. B: on the lead­ing edge. C: well-planned.

14. in­cre­men­tal adj. – A: time­sav­ing. B: step-by-step. C: us­ing brain waves.

15. prop­a­gate v. – A: en­cour­age. B: pros­per. C: spread.

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