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Achiev­ing the Im­pos­si­ble

Alexan­der’s story in ‘Against the Odds’ (July) was deeply touch­ing. It gives hope to par­ents that, with guid­ance and hard work, even the im­pos­si­ble can be achieved. Most par­ents don’t know much about the ben­e­fits of brain de­vel­op­ment in the early years of a child’s growth (I didn’t, ei­ther). This ar­ti­cle sub­tly throws light on the sub­ject. A. KALYANI

Kind­ness Comes in Small Pack­ages

‘When No­rah Met Mr. Dan’ (Au­gust) is a won­der­ful story of a pre­co­ciously out­go­ing little girl, a de­light­ful older man and a very thought­ful mother will­ing to take the time to lis­ten. Thank you for in­spir­ing kind­ness in us all, No­rah! RE­BECCA DOWL­ING

‘Won­der’ Herbs

I just read your story ‘When Medicines Do More Harm’ (June). I take var­i­ous her­bal sup­ple­ments in the hope of be­com­ing more healthy gen­er­ally, with­out know­ing any­thing about their safety and ef­fi­cacy.

Thanks to your story, I’m go­ing to be more cau­tious with these ‘won­der’ her­bal sup­ple­ments, which may some­times do me more harm than good. JEN­NIFER GUMIHID

The Good Old Days

In ‘Mo­tor­cy­cle Wash-out’ (My Story, June) Eric Reeves tells the story of his fam­ily of five trav­el­ling to the sea­side by mo­tor­cy­cle in 1954 and break­ing down. A cou­ple stopped and picked them up and

drove them home, which was two hours away.

Dur­ing those good old days, peo­ple were not only de­cent and cour­te­ous, they would go out of their way to help oth­ers. But at­ti­tudes are to­tally dif­fer­ent now: all you can do is call the po­lice from a road­side phone. When can the good old days re­turn? T.M MALAK

Cold Com­fort

As an ear, nose and throat spe­cial­ist, I see many pa­tients with a cold not re­spond­ing to the usual treat­ments. The dan­ger is of the cold mor­ph­ing into some­thing more sin­is­ter, such as si­nusi­tis or asthma. ‘A Cold Is a Cold Is a Cold. Or Is It?’ (July) was use­ful, but the role of a strong im­mune sys­tem was omit­ted.

To strengthen your im­mu­nity, build small moves into your >>

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