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1. Who was the hugely wealthy Amer­i­can pi­lot, busi­ness­man and film­maker who be­came known for be­ing a recluse? 1 point 2. In May 2008, Ja­pan named a well-known car­toon char­ac­ter the am­bas­sador of Ja­panese tourism in China and Hong Kong. What was that char­ac­ter? 1 point 3. Mole is the name for a sauce in the cui­sine of which coun­try? 2 points 4. Strato, shield and dome are three types of what ge­o­log­i­cal for­ma­tion? 1 point 5. If you were a Tour de France cy­clist and the over­all time leader in a stage, what colour jersey would you wear? 1 point 6. Who wrote The Vam­pire Chron­i­cles? 2 points 7. What herb fea­tures in the mo­jito cock­tail? 1 point 8. What is the most com­mon blood type in hu­man be­ings? 1 point 9. Around 20 per cent of Kore­ans have what sur­name? 2 points 10. If you had suf­fered a my­ocar­dial in­farc­tion, you would have had what, in lay­man’s terms? 1 point 11. But­ter­flies have taste buds in what part of their bod­ies? 1 point 12. What type of car was con­verted to a time-travel ve­hi­cle in the Back to the Fu­ture movies? 1 point 13. The high-se­cu­rity prison Al­ca­traz is lo­cated in the bay of what ma­jor city? 1 point 14. What does the phrase ‘cam­era ob­scura’ mean? 2 points 15. What is un­usual about the words in Dr. Seuss’s book Green Eggs and Ham? 2 points 0-5 Wooden spoon 6-10 Bronze medal 11-15 Sil­ver medal 16-20 Gold medal

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