En­coun­ters with Ghosts

Th­ese tales of haunted houses and rest­less spir­its will test your nerves

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When we asked read­ers to share their ghostly en­coun­ters, noth­ing pre­pared us for the truly nerve- t in­gling and hair- rais­ing sto­ries we re­ceived. Here are the ones we liked most – plus one gath­ered by a ghost buster. But a word of caution: if you didn’t be­lieve in ghosts, you sure will af­ter read­ing th­ese!

In July 2012, to cel­e­brate our tenth wed­ding an­niver­sary, my wife, Mai, and I went to the Blue Moun­tains, west of Syd­ney, for the week­end. We stayed in a his­toric cot­tage guest house. The care­taker made us feel wel­come with a beau­ti­ful cheese plat­ter and told us that a cook would pre­pare and serve break­fast at 8.30 in the morn­ing. We set­tled in by the open fire­place to warm up. Fun­nily enough, de­spite the fire, we couldn’t get the chill out of the air so we headed out for a walk. We soaked in the beauty of the moun­tains be­fore hav­ing din­ner at a nearby restau­rant, then re­turn­ing to the cot­tage.

Not long af­ter set­tling into bed, Mai com­plained of feel­ing pres­sure on her chest. She said it felt like the kids were ly­ing on top of her. My first thought was that she was miss­ing them, but when I looked over at her I could see her body sink­ing deeper and deeper into the mat­tress un­der the weight of some in­vis­i­ble force. We quickly ­re­alised that we were keep­ing com­pany with a ghost.

We both be­lieve in ghosts so we firmly told it to leave us alone. Mai left the room to sleep on the lounge by the fire. I was not go­ing to give up my bed so eas­ily, un­til I felt the full weight of an adult ly­ing on top of me. I was pinned down and it was dif­fi­cult to move. I per­sisted, again firmly telling the ghost to leave, and for a brief mo­ment it did.

I got out of bed to let Mai know the ghost had gone. She had been un­able to sleep and had been pac­ing the ­hall­way to keep warm. The fire was still burn­ing; yet the room re­mained icy. She said she’d be in soon.

Back in bed, mo­ments af­ter I’d made my­self com­fort­able, ly­ing on my side, I felt an almighty force from be­hind. I was pushed out onto the floor. Hear­ing the thud, Mai came in and we agreed that this ghost had won. We moved to the lounge room, where we were ­‘ al­lowed’ to lie on the lounge.

The next morn­ing, the cook told us that the cot­tage had been built by con­victs in the 1840s. I un­der­stand that the area is home to many ghosts but I’m no closer to un­der­stand­ing why this ghost so des­per­ately wanted us out of his bed!



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