Amaz­ing Ar­tic­u­la­tion

Does your lex­i­con need a lift? Try th­ese terms guar­an­teed to im­press even the most well-versed word­smiths – from the vo­cab­u­lary-build­ing book Talk Like a Ge­nius by Ed Kozak. Stumped? Check the next page for an­swers.

Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - Brain Power - BY EMILY COX & HENRY RATHVON

1. ca­pit­u­late v. – A: pro­vide fund­ing. B: stop re­sist­ing. C: state for­mally.

2. un­equiv­o­cal adj. – A: cool un­der pres­sure. B: un­tamed or out of con­trol. C: leav­ing no doubt.

3. cav­a­lier adj. – A: non­cha­lant or marked by dis­dain­ful dis­missal. B: dome shaped. C: un­de­feated or wor­thy of praise.

4. leery adj. – A: un­trust­ing. B: odd. C: off bal­ance.

5. lev­ity n. – A: tax­a­tion. B: mer­ri­ment. C: de­par­ture.

6. pen­chant n. – A: recital. B: strong lik­ing. C: deep thought.

7. stal­wart adj. – A: loyal. B: left­handed. C: dis­guis­ing one’s weak­ness. 8. bi­fur­cate v. – A: tell lies. B: flash like light­ning. C: di­vide into parts.

9. craven adj. – A: chis­elled. B: needy or fam­ished. C: cow­ardly.

10. co­terie n. – A: ex­clu­sive group. B: takeover. C: bird­cage.

11. trav­esty n. – A: wardrobe. B: long jour­ney on foot. C: ab­surd im­i­ta­tion.

12. he­do­nism n. – A: es­pi­onage. B: sun wor­ship. C: pur­suit of plea­sure.

13. ob­vi­ate v. – A: watch over. B: pre­vent or ren­der un­nec­es­sary. C: leave un­fin­ished.

14. ex­co­ri­ate v. – A: hol­low out. B: crit­i­cise harshly. C: sketch in de­tail.

15. penu­ri­ous adj. – A: given to fits of rage. B: wordy. C: poor.

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