Mary Mag­da­lene

(DVD Drama)

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Direc­tor Garth Davis (Lion) tells the story of Mary Mag­da­lene as never be­fore. Mary (Rooney Mara) is por­trayed as a strong young woman who leaves her fam­ily and fish­ing vil­lage to join a rad­i­cal new so­cial move­ment. Its leader, Je­sus of Nazareth (Joaquin Phoenix), prom­ises that the world is chang­ing. Mary, his 13th and only fe­male dis­ci­ple, is search­ing for a new way of liv­ing, want­ing more than to be mar­ried and live un­der the rigid stric­tures of the day.

As the no­to­ri­ety of the group spreads and more are drawn to fol­low Je­sus, Mary’s spir­i­tual jour­ney places her at the heart of a story that leads her to Jerusalem, where she must face the re­al­ity of Je­sus’s fate and her place in it.

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