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We play fetch with Stafford­shire ter­rier Dil­lon and her owner, The Un­done’s Ge­or­gia Martin

DIL­LON HAS BEEN WIN­NING HEARTS ALL OVER SYD­NEY with her en­er­getic and en­dear­ing per­son­al­ity. This pup has an in­sa­tiable fond­ness for home­wares, es­pe­cially cush­ions. How did you meet Dil­lon?

We met in a back­yard near New­cas­tle on a hot sum­mer’s day. She was the small­est in the lit­ter and started play­ing in­stantly. If Dil­lon was a per­son, what do you think she would be like? Bossy, a tad bo­gan, loyal, a bit of a sook but lots of fun. She has a huge per­son­al­ity! Is Dil­lon pro or against dogs

in clothes? Pro! She has her own py­ja­mas that she wears to bed – she even lifts her feet when I’m putting them on her. She also has a set of jack­ets to wear to the park when it’s cold. Does Dil­lon have any party tricks? Yes, my favourite would have to be her fist pump. If Dil­lon had ac­cess to your credit card what’s the first thing she’d buy? She is ob­sessed with toys and I’m scared to think how many she’d buy. She gets so ex­cited when we bring a new one home and does laps around the house. The last show Dil­lon binge­watched on the couch with you? Dil­lon loves the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel. When she sees an­i­mals on tele­vi­sion she tilts her head and tries to talk to them. What are Dil­lon’s best and worst house­mate habits? The best is that she loves cud­dles. The worst is that she has eaten ev­ery cush­ion we have. Does Dil­lon have any quirks?

Ev­ery time she sees straw­ber­ries she starts bark­ing and jump­ing around. We thought we were imag­in­ing it, so we as­sessed her re­ac­tion to other fruits and the re­sults came in: Dil­lon is a straw­berry hater!

DIL­LON, 1, LIVES WITH GE­OR­GIA AND HER PART­NER KIERAN IN SYD­NEY’S CHIPPENDALE. @THEUNDONESTORE AND @OURDOGDILLON Re­cently con­verted Be­fore Dil­lon, Ge­or­gia says she wasn’t re­ally an an­i­mal per­son. “I hon­estly never in a mil­lion years thought I would own a Staffy, let alone be so ob­sessed with her. I can’t imag­ine life with­out her.”

Park fol­low­ing Ge­or­gia says her young charge is prov­ing pop­u­lar at the park. “Dil­lon gets so much at­ten­tion and now ex­pects it from every­one. I’m try­ing to teach her a healthy balance of af­fec­tion and dis­ci­pline, but pup­pies are just so cute!”

Apart­ment liv­ing Ge­or­gia and her part­ner both own busi­nesses and were af­ter a dog who would suit apart­ment and stu­dio life – Dil­lon was the an­swer.

Pet ther­apy “One of the best things about hav­ing a dog is how much they look af­ter you. Dil­lon makes us get out in the fresh air, switch off and have fun,” Ge­or­gia says.

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