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+ LEGUMES Canned beans and lentils are an ex­cel­lent source of pro­tein, with­out the sat­u­rated fat con­tent of meat.

+ QUINOA This wheat-free grain has a high pro­tein con­tent. Use in sal­ads and pat­ties.

+ AV­O­CA­DOS An ex­cel­lent source of un­sat­u­rated fat, they don’t con­tain choles­terol. They’re also a great source of vi­ta­min C and fo­late.

+ SIL­VER­BEET Like spinach and kale, it’s a mem­ber of the chard fam­ily – and an ex­cel­lent source of vi­ta­mins A, K and C, iron and mag­ne­sium.

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