Into The Wolf Den

Rhythm - - INTERVIEW -

Stan­ton’s funky grooves on Danielle Ni­cole’s ex­cel­lent 2015 al­bum WolfDen put a NOLA spin on her bluesy soul and rock. “Usu­ally when peo­ple hire me for a ses­sion, they want me to be me, and they know that I’m go­ing to add some­thing that might be left-of-cen­tre. They want it to be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, a lit­tle unique,” says Moore. His cre­ative play­ing on the record didn’t make life easy for the mu­si­cians who had to tour it. “The drum­mer who’s play­ing with her right now, two days ago he emailed me to ask how I was play­ing this one beat on ‘You Only Need Me When You’re Down’. I had to lis­ten to it and try to fig­ure out what I was do­ing on there. I wrote out two dif­fer­ent ver­sions of what it might be and sent it to him, so hope­fully that helps.”

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