Rhythm - - INTERVIEW -

“Record­ing with Bob Dy­lan. It stands alone. I’m sure if it hadn’t worked out, I wouldn’t be on the record. When you play in bands you tend to be al­lowed the time to evolve some way of play­ing that func­tions. In the early days you used to go and see your mates, and they’d come off the band­stand for a break, and ‘What do you think?’ ‘Yeah I en­joyed it, but I don’t think the bass player’s up to much.’ ‘Oh, it’s his van!’ And as soon as I find my­self in a band that’s start­ing to nudge to­wards that I al­ways think, ‘Oh I’d bet­ter get out, I don’t want to do this any­more, he’s the busi­ness head, he’s got the PA, or he gets the gigs.’ And there are a lot of those sto­ries. And I didn’t go sing­ing in the church to get Bob Dy­lan’s gig!”

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