Ru­fus Tay­lor The Dark­ness

Ru­fus Tay­lor re­turns with a new Dark­ness al­bum, a bunch of tasty drum mo­ments and his faith­ful old kit

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You came into the band at the start of the tour­ing cy­cle for the last al­bum. Did hav­ing that time tour­ing with the band help when it came to writ­ing and record­ing PinewoodSmile?

“I think that played an in­te­gral part. There were a cou­ple of nerve-wrack­ing mo­ments when I first joined. My first gig was a cou­ple of hours af­ter I first met the guys. I had to learn eight of the songs from that al­bum on the spot. Tour­ing that al­bum was very im­por­tant, it was a great way for me to get used to play­ing with them.”

Was there talk right from when you joined of get­ting back in the stu­dio?

“An al­bum was on the cards from as soon as I joined be­cause we in­stantly clicked on a per­sonal level and play­ing-wise. We had a lot of fun in re­hearsal rooms just jam­ming. We had one writ­ing trip when we did a fes­ti­val in Spain in my first few months with the guys and we went out there a week be­fore and did a writ­ing ses­sion. We spent a few days there, mainly hav­ing fun, and then in the last two days we dug down with a tiny set-up and elec­tronic drums and came up with 22 re­ally solid ideas. That was when we re­alised it was go­ing to work with us as a band.”

What kit did you use in the stu­dio?

“I used my DW Col­lec­tor’s kit, that is my baby. I don’t think I will change those drums for a long, long time. The bass drum is ridicu­lously heavy, it al­ways gets the de­sired ef­fect for our mu­sic. I use it live as well. The kick is 26"x26" and if we have a big gig I have this com­pres­sor that goes on the end of the bass drum. Once that’s on it takes no pris­on­ers! That kit is in­de­struc­tible. The way DW de­signs ev­ery­thing is like they’re sci­en­tists.”

There are some nice drum mo­ments on the al­bum. The Dark­ness strikes us as the kind of band that would en­cour­age that kind of thing...

“Oh ab­so­lutely. Dan [Hawkins, gui­tar] was pushing me. All of my drum­ming in­spi­ra­tions have a strict less-is-more rule and to play for the song and not for your­self. If there is even a smidgen of you show­ing off then it is looked down upon. I think I kept as much to the song as I could. The song ‘South­ern Trains’ has a ridicu­lously long drum fill in­tro. I was only plan­ning on do­ing a bar or two but Dan kept pushing, ‘Nope, I want it eight bars long!’ We had a lot of fun with it. We did the whole al­bum live as well. I’m a big be­liever in the Deep Pur­ple ap­proach of where they have a load of ideas and once they’re record­ing if you don’t get a good take from the first five takes then you should drop the idea.”

Will you get to show off any nice drum mo­ments with a solo on your up­com­ing UK tour?

“The guys have been pushing me to do a solo! They drop me in it ev­ery now and then by just say­ing my name on stage and the whole band looks at me!I don’t re­ally like be­ing put on the spot, but I have pulled it off when that’s hap­pened.”

The Dark­ness with Ru­fus Tay­lor (sec­ond from left)

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