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Just read­ing the letters page for Septem­ber and my eyes lit up on read­ing the sug­ges­tion from Bar­ney K con­cern­ing a series on Read­ing No­ta­tion. Can I add my voice and say there must be a huge de­mand for this, but also can I say that a video series on trans­lat­ing writ­ten parts could be of even greater value than a writ­ten ar­ti­cle to many read­ers? Here’s why: for ex­am­ple one, I last took drum lessons al­most 40 years ago, and fall into the cat­e­gory ‘a pic­ture paints a thou­sand words’ so I learn visu­ally very eas­ily from your video lessons, YouTube etc. But the process of trans­lat­ing a page of writ­ten no­ta­tion is so painfully slow, and I never know if I’m play­ing what’s ac­tu­ally writ­ten, that I rarely bother! I can­not be alone, and need help un­lock­ing how no­ta­tion ac­tu­ally sounds.

Sec­ond to this, the video series could also cover ‘prac­ti­cal no­ta­tion’, ie: sight-read­ing at gigs. De­spite the many in­ter­views and tips cov­er­ing this, wouldn’t it be great to see video ex­am­ples, no­ta­tion along the bot­tom of the screen in real time with drums played along the top of the screen? So a viewer would ex­pe­ri­ence how it works in prac­tice and de­velop the men­tal skill of trans­lat­ing vi­su­als to sounds.

A reg­u­lar series of this with worked ex­am­ples would turn into as valu­able a li­brary as your monthly play­a­longs.

Thanks for lis­ten­ing to this sug­ges­tion, and keep up the good work with my favourite drum mag!

Steve Bent­ley, via email

Some great sug­ges­tions, Steve. Let’ s just say this is tak­ing shape in my brain, and I hope to get a new series on read­ing into them ag soon! In fact these sug­ges­tions are so good, have some heads and sticks on us !– CBu

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