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Rhythm - - INTERVIEW -

We quiz Mike Port­noy about his tal­ented son How does it feel to have seen Max’s play­ing grow and ma­ture over the years?

“Of all the proud­est achieve­ments in my life and ca­reer, none of them can come close to com­par­ing with watch­ing Max grow and de­velop. Him win­ning Rhythm mag’s Best New Drum­mer of 2015 beat any of the awards or read­ers’ polls I’ve ever won!”

What is your favourite el­e­ment of Max’s play­ing?

“I love that he’s a bit of a mini-me and I can see so much of my style in him, but he kicks it up a few notches for today’s gen­er­a­tion mix­ing in blast beats and crazy dou­ble bass speed that goes be­yond any­thing I can do.”

How hands-on have you been with Max’s drum­ming devel­op­ment?

“My im­pact on him is only in the sense that he’s been watch­ing me and what I do his whole life, but I’ve let him find his own way. I’m al­ways there for him if he has a ques­tion or needs ad­vice, but I think the credit for so much of his abil­ity should go to his drum teacher back home as well as all the prac­tice and re­search he does on his own.”

What’s the best ad­vice you’ve given to Max?

“To dis­re­gard the haters and fol­low your heart.”

Where do you see Max tak­ing his drum­ming in the next five years?

“Hope­fully he can take over my 38 bands and I can fi­nally re­tire!”

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